Week 1 – Vangelo Delle Streghe

May 12, 2010 at 4:38 pm (Uncategorized)

Pagan Understandings

Pagans honor and celebrate the natural cycles of the earth. Rituals and stories have emerged that pay homage to the Goddess and God. This is a peaceful and loving religion and philosophy that can ground us, bring us great joy, and empower us to manifest our own destinies. Wicca is a modern term for mostly European pagan practices although it is a word that is constantly evolving.

A Historical Review: Pagans and Christians

Much of the pagan practices have been historically appropriated by Christianity, and was done in order to convert pagans in order to give Christianity more political power and control over people. Throughout the 1400s-1600’s Christians killed millions of women and men who they called witches. Thus, the term “witch hunt” emerged denoting the process of an aimless and wild search that has reckless and destructive results.

As we begin our journey to understand Pagan/Wiccan theological roots, we begin with our creation story:
Vangelo Delle Streghe.

The following is a brief description of the Vangelo Delle Streghe (“Gospel of Witches”), or the creation story. A more detailed description can be found at: http://www.sacredflamecircle.org/descent.doc (copy and paste the link)

This creation story was brought from Africa to Italy through oral traditions. Collection of legends preserved by witches and handed to Charles Godfrey Leland by Maddalana for the purpose of publication. Sublime allegorical account of the descent of spirit into matter. Stories are meant to be understood as allegory rather than fact.

Diana was the first created in all creation. In her were all things. She existed before chaos (Goddess without form existing in a void, having within her all things spiritual and material, without order or definition). Primeval deity has no sex. Sometimes it is considered female associated with the crone. Crone is the goddess in her aged state existing before the dawn of time. Hekate is the goddess of Samhain. Halloween was created to dilute the power of Samhain.

Primordial deity is pre-consciousness. Goddess in the void. Goddess come out of the void manifested as the chaos. Primeval deity after She gains self awareness.

Primeval deity was amorphous. She rested, recharged herself and gathered her energies. She began to stir and become aware of her existence. She began to desire, feel, and think. She wondered what it would be like to move, see, taste, hear, etc. “Out of herself the first darkness, she divided her self. Into darkness and light she was divided.” The God and Goddess were born out of light and darkness. The God became light, sparks, and flame. This was the Big Bang, or the start of physical reality. The ethereal remained with the Goddess. She is a continuation of primeval deity since much stayed with her. The God spread out, cooled, and become the stars and planets. As matter solidifies, the energy slows down or “falls into matter.”

The God is located in 7 planes of existence. Sun, moon, and planets visible with naked eye. From the lowest up. Plane 1 is physical., 2 is emotional, 3, mental, 4 is astral, 5 is soular or egoic, 6 is monadic, and 7 is divine.  Seven planes are referred to as the seven spheres or seven dimensions.

“And when Diana saw that the light was so beautiful…she yearned for it with great desire.” She wanted to receive it and trembled with it which was dawn. He kept flying. Being separate from the God did not allow for her to see, feel, etc. Without the God, she wanted to revert back. She counseled with the oldest part of her self – the primeval deity. “To rise you must fall. To become a higher goddess, she had to become matter.” She had to fall into matter and descended through the seven planes into physical.  We are one of the lifetimes that broke off so that she could experience matter. Diana took the form of the cat and got close to the God. Reassuming her own form, she made love with the god. She cast a spell. “She sang a charm.” She spun a yarn, or the cloth of life. This created the cycles, the seasons, and all life ever lived. She spins the thread, the God spins the wheel creating everlasting life.

Having placed her soul into matter, the Goddess used sound as a way to create the movements of the universe. The denser or more physical, the lower the frequency.

The more spiritual the energy, the higher it is. The universe expresses itself in the different layers through sounds.

Many Lifetimes
When we die, we go to the place called the Summerland to recuperate. Decision to be made – do we want to come back again, and what do we want to experience? When we return, we have a guide that gently helps us, and we come back with purpose.

There are no questions that cannot be answered. We just have to find a way to access the answers.

Magick vs. Magic
Magick is the connection and commune with the energies of the universe. Magic is the showmanship that is performed using illusion.


Explore the energy between your hands. Rub them together quickly and vigorously (until your muscles burn). What’s the sensation? If you’re in the dark, can you see anything between your hands?


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