Week 2 – Glossary of Terms

May 19, 2010 at 4:40 am (Glossary of Terms)

Patron – A patron deity is the particular goddess or god that one feels at home with. We are the devotee to the deity.

Universal deity – The different faces of deity are ways of understanding deity. All of the faces of deity reflect the same universal power.

Vangelo Delle Streghe – Aradian (Italian Witchcraft) scripture containing the creation story. It also contains the charge of the goddess and other Italian myths published by Charles Leland in 1899. Leland studied Withcraft extensively.

Aradian – Italian tradition, Italian Witchcraft.

Allegory – The supreme achievement of pagan religion. The art of using easily understandable symbols to describe difficult or abstract concepts. Allegory allows us to speak of energy as light, free ourselves for literal and opens the door to abstract thinking.

Chaos – Primordial Deity. The God/Goddess before Creation. The original state that contains all life in an undifferentiated state. Contains female/male, spiritual/physical, dark/light. It is the starting point and the endpoint of Creation. It is the wholeness of Deity. From which we come and will ultimately return. Chaos came before Primeval Deity. Self-awareness emerges forming Primeval Deity.

Primeval Deity – The God/Goddess before Creation being both feminine and masculine, spiritual and physical, resolving all opposites and polarities and containing in itself all things. It is both the origin and destination of existence. Most often represented as the Crone.

Crone – The Goddess in her aged form and represented by the waning moon. Rules over wisdom, understanding, magick, learning. People who do not possess wisdom and fear, mock the Crone (especially during Halloween as the old witch).

Hecate – Great Crone Goddess of Ancient Greece. Patroness of magick and wisdom. Goddess of uncertain provenance. She has perception outside of the classical Greek pantheon. Also known as being from the Mycenaean which precedes the classical cultures. Each culture has a form of Hecate. She is the patroness of European Witchcraft.

Vibration – The rate at which energy moves. It’s also to believed to become slower or denser the farther down the seven planes.

Destiny – The lessons that are afforded in life, the chances for growth and the advancements put in our path. What we do with these is up to us. The lessons are chosen and agreed to prior to birth or incarnation. They have the purpose of trying to stimulate the growth of the soul. Consequently it’s said that life gives us opportunities, but we have freewill and can make our own choices around them.

Veil – Most people perceive the “lower” being easily (Planes 1-3). The higher aspects of being from we derive clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinetic, etc. most people need a lot of work. However those that are “born old” have a thin veil between the lower and higher selves. “Born old” people having a thin veil between the conscious self and the powers of the soul. Thus, they can access the “higher self” easily.

Lower Self – That part of ourselves of which we are generally easily aware including the physical, emotional, and mental (Planes 1-3)

Chakras – The energy centers of the body. There are thousands, but there are seven major chakras

  • 1st chakra – Root chakra – (in prostate in males, periurethra in females – base of spine); physical plane
  • 2nd chakra – Naval chakra – (testes and ovaries); emotional plane
  • 3rd chakra – Solar chakra – Mental plane
  • 4th chakra – Heart chakra – Astral plane
  • 5th chakra – Throat chakra – Soular plane
  • 6th chakra – Third eye chakra – (pineal gland) monadic plane
  • 7th chakra – Crown chakra – Divine plane


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