Week 6 – Waxing Moon Spell, Chakras, Guardian of the South, Goddess as Mother

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Artwork by Ansel Adams

Waxing Moon Spell
There is one power in the universe
I am a perfect manifestation of that power
And as such, I will [goal that I have]
By my will with harm toward none
I will it
I manifest it
I draw it to me
I receive it
I accept it
I give thanks for it
By my will, so mote it be
And it is so

Do this during the waxing moon. Allow for about 30 minutes. When you do this, begin by clearing and releasing all excess energy. After clearing, speak to the Goddess about your intentions, concentrate on the poppet, fix it strongly in your mind. Hold the poppet imaging that it is in a ball of white light that gets stronger, radiating out in all directions. Focus on the goal. Concentrate on manifesting that goal and seeing that it is done. As you say the words, focus strongly on seeing the spell come to pass. Finally, clear and release. That can mean getting something to eat. After clearing and releasing, put it out of your mind and do not talk about it. Any negativity towards it can deteriorate. There is usually a 30-day window. After 30 days, try again.

7 Major Chakras
1st chakra – Root chakra
Will to live, vitality, joy in life, feel like you’re in the right place doing what you should be. Color = red. Ruled by Saturn. Located at the based of the spine.
2nd chakra (no other name, technically speaking, although some call it the “sacral” or “navel” chakra)
Located in the genitals. Creativity, self-expression, and independence. Ability to stand up for yourself and the strength required to do so. Color = orange. Ruled by Mars.
3rd chakra – Solar Chakra
Located in the abdomen behind naval or a little higher. Self esteem, confidence, and acceptance from others. Color = yellow. Ruled by Sun. Connects to the soular circuit.
4th chakra – Heart Chakra
Located in heart. Love, compassion, self acceptance, balance. Receives energy. Energy goes to the solar chakra. Understand things on an emotional level. Color = green. Ruled by Venus.
5th chakra – Throat Chakra
Located in the depression in your throat. Mentality, will power, concentration, communication. Aids in understanding in concepts mentality and communicate that understanding. Color = pale blue. Ruler is Mercury.
6th chakra – Third Eye Chakra
Located in forehead just above eyes. Receive information psychically, access and use psychic powers of the psychic self. Understand spiritual matters and interact on a spiritual level. Color = indigo/dark blue. Ruler is Moon.
7th chakra – Crown Chakra
Located at the top of the head or just above. Connection to spirit, oneness with spirit. Connect to the Goddess and God. Color = violet. Ruler is Jupiter.

Chakra alignment meditation
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. Bring a door to the chakra point, open the door, infusing with the proper color, spin clockwise, and close the door. Start at the root and work up to the crown. You can imagine a shadow of yourself and do the chakra balancing there. Do this at least once per week.

Corresponds to fire, energy, or spirit, Corresponds to noon, summer, fiery reds and oranges, and quality of the will. Fire’s tool on altar is the wand.

Meditation to meet the Guardian of the South
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. You walk out into an open field. Pick up a wand in your right hand. Draw a red invoking pentagram. Put the wand down. See a portal start to open in the center of the pentagram. See fiery red and orange colors. Go through it. Be in flames but not getting burned. Meet the guardian. What does s/he look like? Ask for the Guardian’s name. See a dragon. The Guardian motions for you to get on the dragon. You and the dragon take a flight. You see the other animals including reptiles, salamanders and other dragons. After flying for a while, return to the pentacle. The Guardian is still there. Ask if there’s a message from the dragon and then from the Guardian. Thank them both, and then go through the pentagram. Use a banishing pentagram.

Goddess as Mother
“The Great Mother.” Most commonly invoked. Represents deity as mother of creation. Eternally loving and nurturing. Created the universe from herself and sustains with her divine love and providence. Goddess of unconditional love, nurturing, and compassion. Fertility and creativity necessary to create and sustain life. Endless reserves of strength and will. Creator and ruler of the universe. Governs the universe as a mother governs her children with love and desire for security. Mother Goddess produces all life from herself and therefore all things are of her creation. Love is her only motivation. Loves all things equally and deeply. Symbolized by full moon with it being at the height of power. Rules of the direction of south. Rules over the night, as opposed to the day. She is the day that follows the dawn of the maiden, and precedes the dusk of the Crone. As the source of all life, she is likened to the earth in some cultures and the sea in other cultures. They are represented by sustenance and bounty. In some cultures, she is also represented in the stars.

Demeter (Greek Goddess of the Earth)

Gaia (Greek)

Laksmi (Hindu) – symbol is the sacred cow

Yemaya (Afrodiasporic)  – bounty of the ocean, waters which give fertility to earth and sustenance to living creatures.
She nurtures forever, even as we pass from one existence to another.


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Week 6 – Glossary Terms

June 16, 2010 at 8:47 pm (Glossary of Terms)

Spirit Guides – Every person has spirit guides in our lives helping with major life lessons. Advise us only if we know how to listen to them. Drawn from among spirits who we’ve known in this or a previous life. Spirit guides are different from life guides. Spirit guides can be people we’ve known. Life guides are not known from this lifetime, but may have been from other lifetimes. It’s not necessary to know the talents or qualities of any spirit guide. There are many different kinds (healers, teachers, etc.). It is important to listen when they speak, though. You can meet them by going through meditation or by being sensitive to the feelings of the body that is manifested by the soular body. If it’s something that you should do, you will get a slight feeling of euphoria. In contrast, there will be feelings in the gut. Listen to those feelings.

Geomancy – Art of reading the earth’s energy and aligning ourselves and our work to take best advantage of it. By aligning to this, we add to the effectiveness of our work. Different variations. Deals with earth’s vortices and lei lines delineating the energetic characters of energy in the earth. As you become attuned with chakras, you will be able to  feel the energies of the earth. You can also use chakras for whatever it is that you’re doing.  Used to determine the proper alignment for buildings. The Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge are set up with these energies from the earth.

Deosil – Indicates a clockwise movement. Means “southwards” coming from “deas” or south. Represents spiritual energy into physical manifestation.

Tuathail – Indicates counter-clockwise movement. Means “northward” coming “tuath” or north. From Garnerian “widdershins”.

Altar Table – Surface on which an altar is setup. Can be on the ground or anywhere else. Wood is preferred. Metal is generally not preferred because of the conductivity.
Altar Cloth – for decoration. Originated when it was made by hand and a status symbol or sign of an important occasion. Not necessary if it is on a table that is used only for that purpose.

Elements – Basic building blocks of creation. Different cultures have differences. Air, fire, water, and earth in Paganism. Spirit is not an element. Air = inspiration, fire = action, water = reaction, earth = integration. Some traditions put spirit as the fifth element with all other elements being as the manifestation. Elements guard the temple. Spirit doesn’t guard the temple.

Magickal Tools – Four sacred: athame, chalice, wand, and pentacle.

Intent – Focusing energy through thought and emotion creates magick. Intent is formed by that thought and emotion. Intent is the goal or purpose. Important to be clear in the intent. Concentrating on intent means that you are imprinting the energy that goes into spellwork so that it shapes itself into what you want to happen.

Ancestors – Spirits of people who have helped to shape us into who we are. Commonly it is deceased family members. However they can be people who have not been connected by blood. For example, the witches burned at the stake are our ancestors. Some believe that magick levels is contingent upon bloodlines. This is an egocentric

Incense – aromatic substance used to incense the air.

Thurible – incense holder suspended on a chain.

Libations – Drink offering made to deity or spirit.

Offering – gift offered to a deity or spirit. Many different terms. Example: Votive offering for making a vow. Symbolic in nature in act of respect and honor, strengthening the bond between deity and offerer. Rather than feeding or sustaining the spirit, it is just in honor.

Sympathetic Magic – based on the idea of sympathy. The items that have similar qualities can be used to represent each other and affect each other. Example: Plants are green. Green candles bring prosperity. Fire transforms food. Burning a magickal charm can bring transformation. These are keys used to focus our intent and energy. That energy and intent is the real magick or change.

Younger Self – Part of the self which is creative, spontaneous, nonjudgmental. Visualized as the child version of the adult. Place of innocence which all things are possible. Many have cut themselves off sometimes because of trauma. Need to give love and nurturing before younger self is fully active. Indicates enthusiasm and connecting with younger self aids in magick.

Omens – Messages from spirit delivered in symbolic terms. Used in all cultures and times. Personal in nature, not universal. Culture creates symbols, and spirit uses those symbols. Example: Black cat warns of need to seek inner guidance. Omens are based on the idea that there is not chance, but only the will of spirit. Superstition is that which causes fear and is something which is created in the mind of the individual. It is not a message from spirit because those messages are not based in fear.

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Week 5 – Solar Chakra, Image Magick, Air Element, Guardian of the East & Creating Sacred Space

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Solar Chakra

Located in the abdomen, this is an important for energy work. Solar circuit because it has its origin in the solar chakra. Where the physical body connects with the higher levels of being. Can be viewed as an internal sun producing endless quantities of energy. Originates from the higher self and provides the power by which physical life moves forward. Forms a circuit moving through all the other chakras. Constant production of energy. We don’t think about doing this consciously. Increasing the amount of energy produced and gaining more control over the process and call on the energy when it’s needed. Does not usually receive energy; heart chakra generally receives the energy.

Image magick
Using an image to affect the way one does magick. It’s a key or an aid to shift focus and intent to work a spell. Most popular form of magick. Voodoo doll is a popular example. Oldest images made by humans were probably made so that people could do magick. Cro-Magnon depicted herds of animals for their desire to get food. Most belief that they were used for sympathetic magick – “like attracts like.” An image of a deity can be used to focus on the deity. An image used to facilitate discussion with an ancestor. Symbolic food and drink were used to strengthen the connection with the deity. Egyptians believed that the better the likeness, the better the connection. They believed that the nose was important and represented the ego or sense of self. If the nose was destroyed, it was believed that the connection was also destroyed. Dolls or poppets. Poppet could be made with color to represent different intentions. Pins are used to focus on the area that needs attention. Pins should have little heads with a variety of colors. These will be used for magickal purposes only.

Element of Air
Corresponds to the East, mind, dawn, Spring, pale airy colors, eagle, high flying birds, and power to know and thought. Tool of the east is the athame or sword.

Meditation to Meet the Guardian of the East
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. Draw the invoking pentagram (see below image) above you in your meditation. Fly through the pentagram. Contact the guardian of the East and become familiar with her/him. Notice the different aspects that are present like birds, the wind, the temperature, etc. See a large eagle in the distance that eventually comes over to the Guardian. The Guardian motions for you to get on the eagle’s back. Take flight and be aware of the sensations and landscapes. Before leaving, ask the Guardian if there are messages and thoughts that you need to be aware of. Ask the Guardian what her/his name is. Thank the Guardian and the eagle for their time. Pass back through the pentagram. Draw a banishing pentagram (see below)  to close.

Invoking Pentagram

Banishing Pentagram

Creating sacred space

  1. Creating a temple or space between the worlds (between the physical and spiritual worlds)
  2. Ground (connect to Mother Earth) and center (focus your thoughts) yourself.
  3. Cast circle – formed like a big egg going into the ground and coming to a rounded point above.
  4. Call the quarters – East (clockwise), South, West, North for protecting the circle.
  5. Call in the Goddess
  6. Call in the God
  7. Call in Spirit (unity of all) – Deity needs to have a temple to go to and be protected.
  8. Great Rite – combining of the power of the Goddess and the God, 3 pinches of salt (from the God) put into water (Goddess), stirred clockwise three times
  9. Offering (Simple Feast) – Libation (wine) presented to the Goddess; cake presented to the God.
  10. Free to run the ceremony after that.

Homework #1: Solar Chakra Meditation
Ball of yellow-white light, clear ball about three feet in diameter. Keep it open for 10 minutes. Shrink it down until it dissolves. Then, imagine a door at the chakra and close it. Do this every day.

Homework #2: Creating a Poppet
Create a poppet (doll) of yourself for healing. Make sure to have an opening in the side of the abdomen for placing herbs in it.

Homework #3: Contacting the Guardian of the East (Meditation)
See the above meditation, and perform several times this week.

Homework revisited:
Continue doing older homework exercises.

  1. Relaxing exercise (tightening and relaxing)
  2. Calling up energy

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Week 4 – Psychic Tide, Maiden Goddess, Meeting Your Spirit Guide

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Psychic Tide
Time has cycles which repeat constantly. They are created and they are the effect of movement. These cycles range from 24 hours until the Great Year, which is 19,200 years. “As above, so below.” All these cycles represent the universe as a whole. When the Goddess represented the many souls from herself and put them into life, they went through involution, or the movement downward into the utmost density, which is the earth. This is also the physical plane. Once arriving there, the souls began moving back up through the seven planes, or spiritual evolution. These two processes form a whole. Involution is the dark half or the yin, which spirals inward and is contemplative and esoteric. Evolution is the light half, spirals outward, is active and exoteric. All cycles possess these two halves, mirroring the universe. Darkness always precedes life; involution always precedes evolution. The cycles of time are known as the psychic tide. The inner and outer movement of the energy is like the tide of the ocean. In the tides is the dark half, going inward. This is a time of contemplation, examination, and ridding things from one’s self and physical manifestation, creation, and beginnings of new projects. Both sides of the tide propel you forward in its own way. It is a perpetual cycle of consolidation, which is the dark followed by growth, which is the light, followed by consolidation, and then more growth. Neither can be sustained without balance. The dark half is the night, and the light half.

Dark Half – Energy directed inwards to replenish the earth

  • Night
  • Winter and Spring – The winter is for looking inward and ridding ourselves of unwanted aspects. During the winter, people may become depressed because they don’t have the sun of the god.


  • Waning moon (full – new)

Release bad habits
Examine our shadows

Light Half – Energy directed outwards to make way for the fruits, plants

  • Day
  • Summer and Autumn


  • Waxing moon (new – full)

Manifestation to bring about goals and desires.

The lunar cycle has a stronger effect on us than does the earthly cycle.

The Goddess – Maiden, Mother, and Crone

The maiden is generally seen as a young woman. A range of portrayals:

  • Athena, Vesa – Virginal
  • Hathor, Venus – Sexual young woman

She is the goddess of beginnings, growth, and expansion. She is symbolized by the waxing moon. She rules over the dawn, Spring, and the direction of East. She is the goddess of passion and creativity, all arts and crafts and sciences are sacred to her.
Tends to be portrayed in one of three main forms:

  • Artist – Goddess of mind, intellect, and inspiration). She is portrayed with flowers. Goddesses Brigid, Flora, Cor, Sesheta
  • Guardian – champion of quests, heros, defender of those in need, and causes. Goddesses Artemis, Durga
  • Lover – Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. Goddesses Hathor, Venus

These do not have to be expressed separately. Some goddesses have two or more aspects of the maiden goddess.

Maiden Goddesses
Athena – tutelary goddess of the city-state Athens. Goddess of the mind and intellect. Patron of arts and crafts, especially weaving. Goddess of the sciences. Had an owl. Warrior goddess inspires people to great acts. Acts as a protector, especially women.

Brigid – (‘Breed’) Celtic goddess of fire and inspiration, rules over the arts and crafts, especially poetry, smith craft, and medicine. Music is sacred, and she is a patron of the sacred bards. Cunning, and can overcome all obstacles. Likened to the spirit of grain and corn dollies are made to represent her. Her festival is ‘candlemass’ and celebrated on February 1st.

Hathor – Egyptian goddess of love, beauty and person l fulfillment. Depicted as a cow or head of cow. Patron of art music and dance, all things beautiful and pleasing. Symbolized by a mirror representing self knowledge and fulfillment. Identified with the sky, the consort of Horus, the sun god. Her name means “home of Horus.” Unlike many, she has aspects as a mother goddess.

Vesta – Roman goddess of the hearth fire, protector of the home and the people in it. Safety. Sober and dignified maiden. Patron of the homely arts such as cooking, weaving. Protector of the virtuous and the weak. Former times. Served by vestal virgins, celibate spirits who took care of the the spirit of Rome.

Herb Cabinet:
Begin collecting herbs. Herbs will generally not last more than a year once they are cut. The magical potency is the essence of the spell. Consider also getting essential oils, which are strictly from the plant (nothing blended). Oil essences are blended and generally cheaper. Should be out of the sunlight and near the altar. Start collecting jars. Herbs need to stay in the jar, and could double their length of potency.

Meditation – Meet your spirit guide
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. Imagine that you are walking to a door of the building you are in. Before walking out, you take off your shoes, then open the door, step through the doorway, and find a different pair of shoes to put on. What do they look like? What are they made out of? You walk into a setting that is of a medieval village. Look down at your feet and notice what you are wearing. Notice all that is happening around you. What do you see, hear, and smell? Walk through the village and notice that the path or road through the village becomes a path that leads through a forest. The path ends at a beach. You take off your shoes and decide to walk along the shore.

You see a dock further down the shore, with a boat waiting for you, and you walk to it. Once on the dock, you step into the boat. What kind of a boat is it? Know that at all times, you are safe. No harm will come to you or anyone during this journey. There is a person who begins making the boat leave the dock and head into the open waters. You acknowledge that person. The boat moves through the open water and eventually into a fog. Eventually, the boat emerges from the fog and you see that it is sunny and beautiful. You also notice that there is an island in the distance, which is where the boat is headed. You enjoy the boat ride and feel the warmth of the sun. The boat eventually docks, and you step out.

Another person meets you, and you walk together silently. The silence is just to allow you to be present, and the person who is walking with you wants to give you that space. You walk down a path away from the shore and towards a small village that is built in ways that are much closer to the earth. What do you see, hear, and smell? What are the small buildings made of? What are the people doing in and around the village? You continue down the path, out of the village, and through an apple orchard. The person motions that you may pick an apple, but are not to eat it. What kind of an apple do you choose? You continue down the path, place the apple in a pocket, and out of the apple orchard. You continue up a moderate incline. Eventually, the path leads to the top of a hill, where you see a set of large stones place in circle. These are long, flat, and very large stones, and it looks very much like Stonehenge. You and your walking partner stop at the edge of the stone circle. Take breath and notice what you see, hear, and smell. You notice that the energy level is very high here and it fills you up.

Suddenly, a tree begins to grow from the center of the stone circle. It grows to be a tremendous tree with power and presence. Take a moment to quietly observe the tree and its energy. A beautiful woman emerges from the center of the tree. Her energy is very powerful. It is the Goddess. You embrace each other.

As you release and step back from the embrace, she asks you to turn around. You see your spirit guide, the one guide who stays with you for the entire duration of your life. There are many guides who will be and have been present during your life, but this is the one who is always present. What does your spirit guide look like? What is your spirit guide wearing? Ask for your spirit guide for her/his name. Know that the name may be one that you’re not necessarily familiar with. It may come from another time and another place. If a name is given and unfamiliar, do not try to change it into one that is more familiar. Regardless of whether or not you guide shares her/his name, your guide acknowledges that you can call upon her/him at any time. You may ask your spirit guide one question right now. After your guide provides an answer, you thank her/him. You turn towards the Goddess and thank her.

Your walking partner takes you to the edge of the stone circle, and you step out heading down the path. You walk together, past the apple orchard, through the small village, back to the shore, onto the dock, and you step into the boat. You thank your walking partner. While on the boat traveling back from where you came, you take some moments to be with the experience that you just had. The boat travels back through the fog and returns to the original dock. Before stepping out, you reach into your pocket and hand the apple to the person who made the boat travel, thanking her/him for a safe passage. You step out of the boat, onto the dock, and make your way down the beach to pick up your shoes. You put your shoes on, continue down the path towards the medieval village, down the main path or road, and back to the doorway of the building where you first started. You take off the shoes, walk through the doorway, and put your own shoes back on. Take a breath, and when you are ready, move your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.

Here is a different meditation for meeting one’s spirit guide:

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Week 4 – Glossary of Terms

June 2, 2010 at 3:00 am (Glossary of Terms)

Vortices – Energy centers or chakras of the earth. The earth’s energy is stronger and more easily interacted with at these points. Receive and send energy. Used as worship centers just as the chakra points are connected with meridians that transport energy between them, vortices have ley lines between them.

“As above, so below” – Attributed to Egyptian Hermes, Trismagistus whose emerald tablet are the tradition of hermetic teaching. All of creation, grand or small. All forms of divination are present at all levels.

Involution – “God fell into matter.” Slows down energy, physicalizing it. Gives an impression of the Goddess. All things must adopt a highly personal view before widening their view. Going inside, narrowing one’s view to the extremely personal level.

Evolution – Coming out from the separate and personal toward the unified and divine. Evolution increases the vibration and lightens the density. Becoming progressively less physical. Returning to the Goddess and to the perspective of universality. When the involutionary process has reached its end, the next step is evolution as in the sacred labyrinth.

Dark Half – Process of involution, looking inward. Things narrow, appear to become constrained. Night, dark half, waning moon.

Light Half – Process of evolution, looking outward. Things widen. Day, light half, waxing moon.

Wheel of the Year – Yearly cycle of the seasons and the festivals. Personal, seasonal, and divine level.

Sabbat – Major pagan festival. 4 grand (feminine): Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasaddh. 4 lesser (masculine): Ostara, Litha, Mabon, Yule and are reflections of the solar positions. All of the female holidays are on the first of the month. All male sabbats are between 20-22nd of the month.

Esbat – Monthly ceremony tied to the cycle of the moon. 13 full moon esbats in a year. Commonly held at the new or full moon and also dark moon.

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