Week 5 – Solar Chakra, Image Magick, Air Element, Guardian of the East & Creating Sacred Space

June 9, 2010 at 3:22 am (Uncategorized)

Solar Chakra

Located in the abdomen, this is an important for energy work. Solar circuit because it has its origin in the solar chakra. Where the physical body connects with the higher levels of being. Can be viewed as an internal sun producing endless quantities of energy. Originates from the higher self and provides the power by which physical life moves forward. Forms a circuit moving through all the other chakras. Constant production of energy. We don’t think about doing this consciously. Increasing the amount of energy produced and gaining more control over the process and call on the energy when it’s needed. Does not usually receive energy; heart chakra generally receives the energy.

Image magick
Using an image to affect the way one does magick. It’s a key or an aid to shift focus and intent to work a spell. Most popular form of magick. Voodoo doll is a popular example. Oldest images made by humans were probably made so that people could do magick. Cro-Magnon depicted herds of animals for their desire to get food. Most belief that they were used for sympathetic magick – “like attracts like.” An image of a deity can be used to focus on the deity. An image used to facilitate discussion with an ancestor. Symbolic food and drink were used to strengthen the connection with the deity. Egyptians believed that the better the likeness, the better the connection. They believed that the nose was important and represented the ego or sense of self. If the nose was destroyed, it was believed that the connection was also destroyed. Dolls or poppets. Poppet could be made with color to represent different intentions. Pins are used to focus on the area that needs attention. Pins should have little heads with a variety of colors. These will be used for magickal purposes only.

Element of Air
Corresponds to the East, mind, dawn, Spring, pale airy colors, eagle, high flying birds, and power to know and thought. Tool of the east is the athame or sword.

Meditation to Meet the Guardian of the East
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. Draw the invoking pentagram (see below image) above you in your meditation. Fly through the pentagram. Contact the guardian of the East and become familiar with her/him. Notice the different aspects that are present like birds, the wind, the temperature, etc. See a large eagle in the distance that eventually comes over to the Guardian. The Guardian motions for you to get on the eagle’s back. Take flight and be aware of the sensations and landscapes. Before leaving, ask the Guardian if there are messages and thoughts that you need to be aware of. Ask the Guardian what her/his name is. Thank the Guardian and the eagle for their time. Pass back through the pentagram. Draw a banishing pentagram (see below)  to close.

Invoking Pentagram

Banishing Pentagram

Creating sacred space

  1. Creating a temple or space between the worlds (between the physical and spiritual worlds)
  2. Ground (connect to Mother Earth) and center (focus your thoughts) yourself.
  3. Cast circle – formed like a big egg going into the ground and coming to a rounded point above.
  4. Call the quarters – East (clockwise), South, West, North for protecting the circle.
  5. Call in the Goddess
  6. Call in the God
  7. Call in Spirit (unity of all) – Deity needs to have a temple to go to and be protected.
  8. Great Rite – combining of the power of the Goddess and the God, 3 pinches of salt (from the God) put into water (Goddess), stirred clockwise three times
  9. Offering (Simple Feast) – Libation (wine) presented to the Goddess; cake presented to the God.
  10. Free to run the ceremony after that.

Homework #1: Solar Chakra Meditation
Ball of yellow-white light, clear ball about three feet in diameter. Keep it open for 10 minutes. Shrink it down until it dissolves. Then, imagine a door at the chakra and close it. Do this every day.

Homework #2: Creating a Poppet
Create a poppet (doll) of yourself for healing. Make sure to have an opening in the side of the abdomen for placing herbs in it.

Homework #3: Contacting the Guardian of the East (Meditation)
See the above meditation, and perform several times this week.

Homework revisited:
Continue doing older homework exercises.

  1. Relaxing exercise (tightening and relaxing)
  2. Calling up energy

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