Week 6 – Glossary Terms

June 16, 2010 at 8:47 pm (Glossary of Terms)

Spirit Guides – Every person has spirit guides in our lives helping with major life lessons. Advise us only if we know how to listen to them. Drawn from among spirits who we’ve known in this or a previous life. Spirit guides are different from life guides. Spirit guides can be people we’ve known. Life guides are not known from this lifetime, but may have been from other lifetimes. It’s not necessary to know the talents or qualities of any spirit guide. There are many different kinds (healers, teachers, etc.). It is important to listen when they speak, though. You can meet them by going through meditation or by being sensitive to the feelings of the body that is manifested by the soular body. If it’s something that you should do, you will get a slight feeling of euphoria. In contrast, there will be feelings in the gut. Listen to those feelings.

Geomancy – Art of reading the earth’s energy and aligning ourselves and our work to take best advantage of it. By aligning to this, we add to the effectiveness of our work. Different variations. Deals with earth’s vortices and lei lines delineating the energetic characters of energy in the earth. As you become attuned with chakras, you will be able to  feel the energies of the earth. You can also use chakras for whatever it is that you’re doing.  Used to determine the proper alignment for buildings. The Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge are set up with these energies from the earth.

Deosil – Indicates a clockwise movement. Means “southwards” coming from “deas” or south. Represents spiritual energy into physical manifestation.

Tuathail – Indicates counter-clockwise movement. Means “northward” coming “tuath” or north. From Garnerian “widdershins”.

Altar Table – Surface on which an altar is setup. Can be on the ground or anywhere else. Wood is preferred. Metal is generally not preferred because of the conductivity.
Altar Cloth – for decoration. Originated when it was made by hand and a status symbol or sign of an important occasion. Not necessary if it is on a table that is used only for that purpose.

Elements – Basic building blocks of creation. Different cultures have differences. Air, fire, water, and earth in Paganism. Spirit is not an element. Air = inspiration, fire = action, water = reaction, earth = integration. Some traditions put spirit as the fifth element with all other elements being as the manifestation. Elements guard the temple. Spirit doesn’t guard the temple.

Magickal Tools – Four sacred: athame, chalice, wand, and pentacle.

Intent – Focusing energy through thought and emotion creates magick. Intent is formed by that thought and emotion. Intent is the goal or purpose. Important to be clear in the intent. Concentrating on intent means that you are imprinting the energy that goes into spellwork so that it shapes itself into what you want to happen.

Ancestors – Spirits of people who have helped to shape us into who we are. Commonly it is deceased family members. However they can be people who have not been connected by blood. For example, the witches burned at the stake are our ancestors. Some believe that magick levels is contingent upon bloodlines. This is an egocentric

Incense – aromatic substance used to incense the air.

Thurible – incense holder suspended on a chain.

Libations – Drink offering made to deity or spirit.

Offering – gift offered to a deity or spirit. Many different terms. Example: Votive offering for making a vow. Symbolic in nature in act of respect and honor, strengthening the bond between deity and offerer. Rather than feeding or sustaining the spirit, it is just in honor.

Sympathetic Magic – based on the idea of sympathy. The items that have similar qualities can be used to represent each other and affect each other. Example: Plants are green. Green candles bring prosperity. Fire transforms food. Burning a magickal charm can bring transformation. These are keys used to focus our intent and energy. That energy and intent is the real magick or change.

Younger Self – Part of the self which is creative, spontaneous, nonjudgmental. Visualized as the child version of the adult. Place of innocence which all things are possible. Many have cut themselves off sometimes because of trauma. Need to give love and nurturing before younger self is fully active. Indicates enthusiasm and connecting with younger self aids in magick.

Omens – Messages from spirit delivered in symbolic terms. Used in all cultures and times. Personal in nature, not universal. Culture creates symbols, and spirit uses those symbols. Example: Black cat warns of need to seek inner guidance. Omens are based on the idea that there is not chance, but only the will of spirit. Superstition is that which causes fear and is something which is created in the mind of the individual. It is not a message from spirit because those messages are not based in fear.


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