Week 6 – Waxing Moon Spell, Chakras, Guardian of the South, Goddess as Mother

June 16, 2010 at 9:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Artwork by Ansel Adams

Waxing Moon Spell
There is one power in the universe
I am a perfect manifestation of that power
And as such, I will [goal that I have]
By my will with harm toward none
I will it
I manifest it
I draw it to me
I receive it
I accept it
I give thanks for it
By my will, so mote it be
And it is so

Do this during the waxing moon. Allow for about 30 minutes. When you do this, begin by clearing and releasing all excess energy. After clearing, speak to the Goddess about your intentions, concentrate on the poppet, fix it strongly in your mind. Hold the poppet imaging that it is in a ball of white light that gets stronger, radiating out in all directions. Focus on the goal. Concentrate on manifesting that goal and seeing that it is done. As you say the words, focus strongly on seeing the spell come to pass. Finally, clear and release. That can mean getting something to eat. After clearing and releasing, put it out of your mind and do not talk about it. Any negativity towards it can deteriorate. There is usually a 30-day window. After 30 days, try again.

7 Major Chakras
1st chakra – Root chakra
Will to live, vitality, joy in life, feel like you’re in the right place doing what you should be. Color = red. Ruled by Saturn. Located at the based of the spine.
2nd chakra (no other name, technically speaking, although some call it the “sacral” or “navel” chakra)
Located in the genitals. Creativity, self-expression, and independence. Ability to stand up for yourself and the strength required to do so. Color = orange. Ruled by Mars.
3rd chakra – Solar Chakra
Located in the abdomen behind naval or a little higher. Self esteem, confidence, and acceptance from others. Color = yellow. Ruled by Sun. Connects to the soular circuit.
4th chakra – Heart Chakra
Located in heart. Love, compassion, self acceptance, balance. Receives energy. Energy goes to the solar chakra. Understand things on an emotional level. Color = green. Ruled by Venus.
5th chakra – Throat Chakra
Located in the depression in your throat. Mentality, will power, concentration, communication. Aids in understanding in concepts mentality and communicate that understanding. Color = pale blue. Ruler is Mercury.
6th chakra – Third Eye Chakra
Located in forehead just above eyes. Receive information psychically, access and use psychic powers of the psychic self. Understand spiritual matters and interact on a spiritual level. Color = indigo/dark blue. Ruler is Moon.
7th chakra – Crown Chakra
Located at the top of the head or just above. Connection to spirit, oneness with spirit. Connect to the Goddess and God. Color = violet. Ruler is Jupiter.

Chakra alignment meditation
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. Bring a door to the chakra point, open the door, infusing with the proper color, spin clockwise, and close the door. Start at the root and work up to the crown. You can imagine a shadow of yourself and do the chakra balancing there. Do this at least once per week.

Corresponds to fire, energy, or spirit, Corresponds to noon, summer, fiery reds and oranges, and quality of the will. Fire’s tool on altar is the wand.

Meditation to meet the Guardian of the South
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. You walk out into an open field. Pick up a wand in your right hand. Draw a red invoking pentagram. Put the wand down. See a portal start to open in the center of the pentagram. See fiery red and orange colors. Go through it. Be in flames but not getting burned. Meet the guardian. What does s/he look like? Ask for the Guardian’s name. See a dragon. The Guardian motions for you to get on the dragon. You and the dragon take a flight. You see the other animals including reptiles, salamanders and other dragons. After flying for a while, return to the pentacle. The Guardian is still there. Ask if there’s a message from the dragon and then from the Guardian. Thank them both, and then go through the pentagram. Use a banishing pentagram.

Goddess as Mother
“The Great Mother.” Most commonly invoked. Represents deity as mother of creation. Eternally loving and nurturing. Created the universe from herself and sustains with her divine love and providence. Goddess of unconditional love, nurturing, and compassion. Fertility and creativity necessary to create and sustain life. Endless reserves of strength and will. Creator and ruler of the universe. Governs the universe as a mother governs her children with love and desire for security. Mother Goddess produces all life from herself and therefore all things are of her creation. Love is her only motivation. Loves all things equally and deeply. Symbolized by full moon with it being at the height of power. Rules of the direction of south. Rules over the night, as opposed to the day. She is the day that follows the dawn of the maiden, and precedes the dusk of the Crone. As the source of all life, she is likened to the earth in some cultures and the sea in other cultures. They are represented by sustenance and bounty. In some cultures, she is also represented in the stars.

Demeter (Greek Goddess of the Earth)

Gaia (Greek)

Laksmi (Hindu) – symbol is the sacred cow

Yemaya (Afrodiasporic)  – bounty of the ocean, waters which give fertility to earth and sustenance to living creatures.
She nurtures forever, even as we pass from one existence to another.


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