Week 12 – Infusions, Magickal Circle & Consecration Ritual

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Water Infusions
One teaspoon of dried herb or one and a half teaspoons of fresh herb with a cup of boiling water.  Maintain that combination even if you’re working with more than one herb. Place the botanical into a non-reactive container (glass). Allow the herbs to sit in the bath for 5-15 minutes.
For a floor wash, remove the herbs. For a magical bath, put the herbs in a cheesecloth and let it sit in the bath with you.

Oil Based Infusions

Standard portions: One cup of oil for one ounce of fresh or one half ounce of dried. Place herb in a stainless steel bowl. Cover with oil. Gently heat it over simmering water as with a double boiler, or have the bowl float on the simmering water. Or, use a crock-pot on low heat for two hours. Stir occasionally. It shouldn’t smoke, bubble, or burn. Allow oil to cool completely, ALL herbs must be removed through several layers of cheesecloth. If the spell includes flowers, you can add them after the oil is cooled and strained. Store in an airtight container. Oils can be extra virgin olive oil.

Solar Charged Infusions
Place herb in a jar with a tight lid. Pour the oil over the herbs with them completely covered. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Let the jar sit all day in sun and in a  warm cupboard for two weeks. Strain in the same way for all oil based infusions.

Flower Oil Infusions
Does not require heat. Traps the power of the fragrance of flowers. Place clean dried petals in a jar and cover completely with oil. Use an oil with minimal fragrance like jojoba or almond oil. Allow the petals to steep in the oil for three days, shake occasionally with the jar in the cupboard at night. Strain in the same way for all oil based infusions. Fill the jar again with dried petals. Cover them with the oil from the first concoction. Repeat steps. Do it a third time (or more). Strain again. 2-3 weeks shelf life in the fridge. Add a quarter teaspoon of simple benzoin tincture that can be found at most pharmacies.

Magick Circle
Cast for most magickal rituals and purposes. It is an energetic construct used for intensifying magickal energy. It acts like a battery of energy until it is released. It also removes us from this plane of existence and puts us between the physical and astral planes.

“We are in a place that is not a place and in a time that is not a time.”

Ritual requires it for the purpose of creating a temple into which the God, Goddess, and Spirit are called in. The Guardians are invited to guard the temple for the Lady and Lord against unwanted energies. In ritual procedure, the circle needs to be cast first.

Circle Casting

Sacred tools are extensions of us, so tools are not necessary to cast a circle. You can use the God (middle finger) and Goddess (index finger) fingers. However, many prefer to use an athame or wand to cast a circle.  Ground yourself by sinking your receptive hand into the Earth’s energy. The energy then goes into your solar plexus, out your giving hand. Do not use your personal energy. Pull energy from the Earth (and even air through crown chakra). Three times around the circle clockwise (deosil) and then extended up and down. Some traditions start in the North and others in the East.

To reopen the circle at the end of a ritual, start at the same place where you started when you cast the circle. Imagine that the energy of the circle is coming back into you through your hand and arm and back into your solar plexus. Move counterclockwise (tuathil) and feel the energy of the circle coming back into your body. Once you’ve completed a round, you can place your palms on the floor/ground and send the energy back to the Earth.

Consecrating Ritual

The following is a consecrating ritual to consecrate the four sacred tools of the altar – pentacle, wand, chalice, and athame.

Items Needed:

  • All items to be consecrated (in this case the four sacred tools – pentacle, wand, chalice, and athame)
  • White candle
  • Frankincense & myrrh
  • Charcoal
  • Cauldron or a container that can safely support a small fire
  • Flax seed
  • Sage
  • Water (rain water or water from a natural spring that is not polluted; bottled water may be a good source if it is from a clean, natural spring; tap water is not preferred because of the chemicals that are added like fluorine)
  • Dried flower petals from two different species of flowers
  • Salt (pure salt such as sea salt, not iodized)


  1. Have all of the items listed above present for the ritual
  2. Have the altar facing north.
  3. Sage your space.
  4. Place one piece of charcoal into the cauldron (or fire-safe container) and light it.
  5. Pour the water into the offering dish on your altar. Add some salt to another offering dish.
  6. Place some flax seed at each corner of your altar.
  7. Cast a circle the encompasses the whole room or area that you are in including the altar. Once the circle is cast, no one should be entering or leaving until it is reopened.
  8. Add three pinches of salt to the water and stir three times clockwise with Goddess finger (index finger). This is called the Great Rite.
  9. Light the white candle and say your intentions clearly. Below is a sample of what you can say:
    “I light this candle and beckon the light to come forth, So Mote It Be.
    Spirits of the Universe and Elements that govern, hear my plea.
    Know that in this time and in this space,
    With all of my tools and my Pentacle, which respect as a divine symbol,
    Tool of my craft and tool of protection,
    I come before You to consecrate.”
  10. Place the frankincense and myrrh onto the charcoal so that it can begin to smolder and release smoke.
  11. Holding your hands over all of your items to be consecrated, clearly state your intentions. Below is a sample of what you can say:
    “One heart, one mind, one magick,
    One truth, one body, one energy,
    In perfect joy and perfect peace,
    In perfect love and perfect trust,
    I open the gateway of transformation
    And call forth the power of Spirit bringing the Serenity of Divine order to these sacred tools.”
  12. With the frankincense and myrrh creating the incense, pass each of the items through the incense and clearly say your intentions. An example can be:
    “Sacred flame in hole name
    One heart, one mind, one magick
    I cleanse and consecrate thee
    Filling thee  with the Universal power of love.”
  13. Sprinkle each of the items with water (not the same used in the offering dish for the Great Rite) and clearly say your intentions. An example can be:
    “Liquid light, sacred sight
    One heart, one mind, one magick
    I cleanse and consecrate thee
    Filling thee with the Universal power of truth.”
  14. Sprinkle each of the items with the dried flowers and clearly say your intentions. An example can be:
    “Enchanted flower lend your power
    One heart, one mind, one magick
    I cleanse and consecrate thee
    Filling thee with the Universal power of light.”
  15. With hands over all the objects on the altar, clearly say the witch’s ladder.
    “The power of one
    The unity of two
    The trinity of three
    The stability of four
    The change of five
    Six, center, Earth to sky
    The success of seven
    The mastery of eight
    The wish of nine
    Ten, the infinite blend
    Spirit here will never end.”
  16. Pull down your circle of light and energy by, and ground it by placing your palms on the floor/ground to send the energy back to the Earth.
  17. Extinguish the candle and allow all the items to remain where they are over night so that they may gain energy. If you must put them away, you may do so the next day.

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Week 11 – Magickal Herbs

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Magical Gardens

  • Mark where the compass points are
  • Bless the space
  • Each plant has its own ruling elements (fire, water, air, earth)
  • Each plant also has masculine/feminine qualities. There should be a balance.
  • Each plant also has a planetary association.
  • Everything besides fire and water can be planted next to each other.
  • Have to use compass accurate points.

Container Gardens

  • Don’t plant in clay pots because clay absorbs water (terra cotta). Glazed clay is okay, though.
  • Ceramics or glazed
  • Humus – 1 part soil: 3 parts humus
  • Better if fertilized, label with nitrogen as the lowest number, phosphate and pot ash. 10:20:20 for example. Nitrogen is for the flowers and leaves, phosphate is for roots, and pot ash is for overall health of the plant. Fertilize every 10-14 days if indoors or in containers. Fertilizer is usually mixed with water. Be sure to put the mixture in the soil and not on the leaves.
  • One type of plant in one pot is preferred.

Fairy Gardens

  • Can be indoor or outdoor
  • Keep the harmonics in mind
  • Plants of the fey tend to grow better in the shade.
  • Bell-shaped flowers (foxglove, honeysuckle)
  • Tend to like them more wild
  • Fairy altar made of natural materials, wind chimes
  • Giving thanks without using the actual words “thank you”
  • Chocolate, bread, honey, marshmallows used as offerings. Chocolate can be harmful do domesticated animals. Don’t give them cloth. They love anything shiny.

Herbs and the Moon Cycles for Magical Plants
Plant flowering annuals and exterior seeds (ex. wheat) during waxing, especially during new moon and quarter.
Plants above ground with seeds (ex. peas) between first quarter and full moon.
Root crops, bulbs, biennials, perennials in the waning moon between the full moon and the last quarter.
Nothing is to be planted between the last quarter and new moon.

Herb Collection and Storage

  • Boline – crescent-shaped knife used for harvesting herbs; a working tool, not a sacred tool.
  • Ask permission from the plant by doing a ritual when trimming the plant, pruning, etc. Ask, “May I harvest you for…?” Explain why you’re doing that. Feel for an answer. If you get an uneasy feeling after asking, then the answer is no. Leave an offering for the plant and the fey for helping.
  • Once you cut the herb, don’t put the herb back in the ground. The energies may be sent back into the earth when the herb touches the ground.
  • When you get the bundles of herbs, tie them upside down with red thread. The red infuses them with more power. The cuttings should not be in direct sunlight.
  • Generally dry within a week. Put them into jars. Include the date of when you cut it. The magical qualities will last no longer than a year in a jar in the complete darkness. If it smells like it did when you put it in the jar, the magical qualities are there. If it is smelling like dirt, then it’s depleted.
  • Some herbs that are fuzzy like daisies, echinacea, etc. can be irritants to the skin.
  • Don’t ingest plants like milkweed that have a white solution inside them.

All-Purpose Herb Gathering Chant
“I gather this herb for a magic spell, bringing harm to none, may it turn out well, by the powers of earth and air, fire and water, I conjure up love, safety, money, wealth and laughter, by all the power of the three times three, as I will it, then so must it be.”

General Plant Info
Full sun – 4 hours of afternoon sun
Partial sun – 2 hours of afternoon sun
Shade – early morning sun
All plants – if turning yellow, then there’s probably an iron deficiency.

Shade plants
Columbine seeds– water, courage, and luck
Ferns – Air, faerie, and weather magic; dried ferns lit on fire can be used for encouraging rain
Forget-me-nots (poisonous) – improves memory, aids in finding lost objects
Hosta (poisonous) – use spell bag, mystery, devotion, health
Impatiens – juice can be used on poison ivy infection, add to spell to bring a speedy outcome
Lily of the valley (poisonous) – Air, promotes happiness by just smelling, faerie magic, wisdom, do not burn or make into a tea,
Ivy (poisonous) – Water, fidelity love, protection and grace, sacred to the Celtics

Part sun/part shade plants
Bergamot – Fire, success, prosperity
Betony or Lamb’s Ear – Fire, protection
Foxglove or Digitalis (poisonous)– Water, faerie magic, protection. Attracts both elements and fey
Heliotrope – Fire, faerie magic sacred to the sun god Helios
Lady’s Mantle – Water, love, romance, women’s mysteries
Lobelia – Water, protects against, gossip, sacred to the goddess Venus/Aphrodite
Mugwort – Earth, moon magic, women’s mysteries, shifts consciousness to see spirits
Pansy – Water, love spells divination, heals broken hearts

Sun plants
Bay – Fire, protection, health, promotes psychic abilities
Cocks comb – Fire, promotes energy, protection and healing
Dianthus – Fire, beauty and health
Geranium – Water, red is for protection, pink for love, coral for energy, white for fertility
Lavender – Air, protection, counteracts the evil eye, planting in the garden is good for protection, good for sleeping and calming, edible
Marigold or Calendula – Fire, power of the sun, protection, wealth and glory, deer won’t eat them
Marjoram – Air, joy, love, serenity, edible, calming, can be mixed with lavender
Rose – Water, love, power, sacred flower to the Goddess and Isis
Rosemary – Cleansing, love, health, smudging, mouthwashes
Sage – Earth, wisdom, healing, protection, smudging, some culinary and some magickal, white sage (magical) needs drainage and a dormant period so plant outdoors.
Snapdragon – Fire, protection, breaks negative energy, repels manipulative spells
Sweet potato vine (poisonous) – Water, lime green is for good luck, purple is for passion and power
Thyme – Water, love, romance, psychic powers
Yarrow or Arrow Root – Water, marital happiness, healing, good for upset stomachs

Magickal Properties of Everyday Food and Spices
These are all in the fresh, uncooked form.
Basil – Opens pathways to prosperity, great in money magic
Bay – Enhances psychic abilities, speeds healing when simmered into food, do not eat leaves, make a tea or as a poultice
Black pepper – used in food and spell bags to cleanse the psyche of psychic sludge and fights off the effects of psychic vampires
Broccoli – Eaten to lend spiritual protection
Dill – Inspires lust and passion
Eggplant – Increases prosperity and spiritual awareness
Garlic – Hang a clove of fresh garlic in a sick room because it absorbs illnesses
Grapes and raisins – Eating either will cause dreams to be more vivid and memorable. Grapes increase reproductive fertility in women
Lettuce – Rub the juice of the lettuce leaf on your forehead (third eye) to help you sleep
Nutmeg – relief from depression
Parsley – Love, reproductive fertility and fidelity in monogamous relationships
Peanuts and peanut butter – Open pathways to prosperity
Peas – Eating peas opens one’s heart to a new love
Pistachio – Helps to break the influences of a lover that you know is bad for you
Potato – Lends itself to protection and enhances empathy
Radish – Protection, lust
Rice – Calms the mind, increases the chances of conception
Spinach – Prosperity
Squash – Improves psychic, empathic and cognitive abilities, great dish for Samhein
Watermelon – Heals a broken heart, lightens the spirit and fights off depression

Wild Herbs
Plantain – wild cousin of the hosta, light tea for children’s diarrhea, poultice from the leaves for a cut or wound
Oak tree – Astringent, decoction (boiling in the water) as a pulp to treat wounds
Queen Ann’s Lace – Wild carrots, greens good for stabilizing blood sugar, good for skin

Alcoholic infusions with herbs that provide stronger doses.
Everclear, 140 proof vodka
Alcohol extracts qualities out of the herb. Use small amounts like a teaspoon for dosages.

Making a Tincture

  • Grind dried herbs into smallest state. The smaller it is, the more surface area that can come in contact.
  • Cover the bottom of a mason jar with the herb.
  • Pour twice as much alcohol as the herb (2:1 ratio).
  • Shake the jar vigorously for a couple minutes.
  • Open cap to relieve pressure and let it sit for 15 minutes to let gasses out. Put it away out of sunlight.
  • Every day repeat 3 times a day for two weeks.
  • After two weeks, strain and put a drop on your wrist to see if it evaporates.
  • If it smells like the herb, then it is done.
  • If it doesn’t smell like the herb, keep repeating the shaking. Put it into a dark colored bottle with a dropper.

Add only 2-3 drops of tincture for dosages. It’s wise to do research on dosages before doing them, of course. Can last about 6-9 months on the shelf out of the sunlight.
Don’t make a tincture out of clary sage or any herbs that shouldn’t be ingested.

Here are a couple of videos about making tinctures. As you can see, there are some differences in techniques.

Infusions (Tea)
Let the water boil. As soon as it starts to boil, take the water off the heat. Pour over the herbs, and let it steep for 5-10 minutes.

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Week 10 – Guardian of the North

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Meditation to Meet the Guardian of the North
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths. You walk out into in open field and draw an invoking pentagram with your wand. You walk through it and you are suddenly located on a mountain. Take some time to look around. What do you see? What animals are there? What is the climate? There is a slight mist that makes it a little difficult to see far distances.

You look to your right and you see a figure coming out of the mist. It is the Guardian of the North. What does the Guardian look like? What is s/he dressed in? Greet the guardian and ask to know her/his name. Ask if there is a message for you to know at this time. Be with that message.

Off to the left comes an animal. At first you try to see clearly what it is, but as it moves closer to you and the guardian, you begin to see what it is. What is it? Greet the animal. Touch it. How does it feel? What does it sound like? Get up on its back and go for a ride with it. Where do you go? What do you see? What animals are there? What plants are there? Is it cold, hot?

Eventually, the animal takes you back towards the guardian, but first it stops at a very large tree along the way. You get off of the animal’s back and walk towards the tree. You notice that there is a perfect notch for you to sit in. This is the Tree of Life. Be with this tree. Feel its powerful energy. Let that energy absorb into your being. Ask the tree if there is a message for you. Take some more time to be with the tree and its energy.

Eventually, you stand back up and get back on the back of the animal, which takes you back to the Guardian of the North. Get off of the animal and thank it for taking you on that journey. Turn to the guardian and offer your thanks. Look to the pentagram that you drew. Step back through it and return to the meadow. Look back to see the pentagram dissolve.

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Week 10 – Glossary of Terms

July 14, 2010 at 3:40 am (Glossary of Terms)

Magick – manipulation of energy

Higher Self – portion of one’s being that is in connection with the divine. By attuning to the higher self, we move in concert with the part of us which is divine. We have access to its knowledge and powers.

Shifting Consciousness – the process through which we rise through our normal thinking level to connect with our higher self. Magick is practiced as a conscious act by connecting to our higher self.

Keys – Something used to help cause a shift to a higher consciousness. Example: incense, candle.

“Do as you will, but harm none.” – One of the steadfast tenets. Self is included in not being harmed.

“Never manipulate freewill.” – Second tenet. Binding someone’s actions can be done (not without karmic justice) when all earthly attempts have been made.

Karma – Justice. Good begets good; bad begets bad.

Law of Three – Belief that what you do comes back threefold.

Psychism – Art of using the powers of the soul passively to receive information through the higher self. Magick is actively using the powers of the soul.

Grounding – Clearing and releasing excess energy to focus on the here and now always after magickal or psychic work. Connecting to the energy of the earth. Grounding can be done for other times when you need to clear and release energy.

Psychic Vampire – Someone who pulls energy from others.

Psychic Shielding – Done to strengthen one’s aura to keep out negative or extraneous or unwanted energies or psychic energies

Aura – Field of spiritual energy around the body. The size, shape, and colors can tell a lot about one’s current conditions. The color of aura will change as you move.

Visualization – Art of imagining something very strongly. Focus your mind and emotion to shape that which is visualized into reality. Need to be able to see something for the magick to work.

Releasing – allowing excess energy to flow out of you so that it can be grounded. Returned to Mother Earth so that it can be reused in other ways. It can also be things that you want to get rid of in your life. It can be transformed into something else.

Veil – The inability of the ordinary (conscious) mind to easily access the power and memories of the soul. If you have a “thin” veil, you can access every life you’ve ever lived and their experiences.

Magickal Circle – Common feature of most magickal traditions. Energy construct which serves to amplify energy, confine, and thus intensify it. Creates a temple into which the divine may enter. A space that is not a space in a time that is not in a time. No longer on the physical plane of existence.
Sacred Space – Used for magickal work or worship. An altar can be a sacred space once consecrated and cleansed.

Negative Energy – Unfocused energy. Has nothing to do with good or evil. Undirected or polluted with various charges. Tend to hamper the free flow of consciously directed energy. Cleansing means pushing out negative energy from that area.

Energy Construct – Energy is the basic substance of which the universe is made. It responds to thought and emotion, which gives it shape and form. In magick, we use thought and energy to create. Energy constructs are basically batteries, or a repository from which additional resources may be used as needed. It can be something as simple as an energy vortex, which increases the amount of energy for use. The magickal circle is a “battery” or an energy vortex (released and directed energy) or an energy construct.

Fingers – Index finger is the Goddess. Middle finger is the God finger.

Asperge – To asperge something is to sprinkle it with blessed water for the purpose of blessing, consecrating.

Dismiss – To release energy construct or energy deity that has been invoked.

Great Rite – Physical representation of the union of the Goddess and God – athame (or God finger) into the chalice. Physical union of the priestess and priest in some traditions.

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Week 9 – Guardian of the West, Crone and Airts

July 8, 2010 at 3:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Guardian of the West Meditation
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. You walk out into in open field and draw an invoking pentagram. The pentagram has water that starts to pour out of its center. You move through the center of the pentagram and look around. You are on a shoreline. Take another moment to notice the area. What do you see? Are there any land formations along the coast? In the water you see whales and dolphins. Soon a figure begins to emerge from the water. As s/he gets closer, you begin to get a better sense of what s/he looks like. It is the Guardian of the West. You greet the Guardian and ask her/his name. You look to the water and see that a large dolphin is coming to the shore. The Guardian tells you to get on its back and know that you will be completely safe during your journey. As you get on the back and hold onto its dorsal fin, the dolphin begins to move slowly away from the shore.

You and the dolphin submerge into the water, and you notice immediately that you can still breath. The dolphin takes you to different parts of the ocean. What do you see? Do you see different seascapes? Different kinds of life? Enjoy the ride. Eventually, the dolphin takes you to an area filled with seashells. The dolphin tells you to take any one that you want. What kind do you choose? What does it look like? What color is it?

The dolphin then takes you back to the Guardian. You get off of the dolphin when you get back to the shore. Does the Guardian have a message for you? If so, what is it? You thank the dolphin and the Guardian for their time. You step through the pentagram. You do a banishing pentagram.

Elderly grandmother, represents last stage of life, psychic and magical powers at its strongest. Height of feminine power and wisdom and experience that comes with age. Goddess of wisdom, magic, and spirituality. Traditionally thought of as the patron of witches and witchcraft. Goddess of death and endings. Waning moon. Represents the ending of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Goddess of transformation and regeneration. The night without which there can be no dawn. Crone breaks down our old forms to make change and rebirth possible. Soul can never be destroyed, so death should be understood as a period of growth and regeneration. Crone is not a destroyer, but is a transformer. In this sense the crone might be compared to the black hole constantly changing and reshaping matter. Sometimes associated with fear because we don’t often see the emergence of the new form. Secrets revealed. Rules all of the archaean arts. Patron to the higher powers of the soul. In this sense is considered the patron of witchcraft. Path of wisdom is not an easy one and the seeker is presented with challenges. Nothing does more to empower us than to gain knowledge of self (via challenges and struggles). We must in time know every wound, regret, negative experiences which is the very heart of true witchcraft and power of the crone. It’s as the patron for quest of self knowledge that is referred to in mythology.

Some of the crone’s archetypes are:

Baba Yaga – (Russian mythology and folk tales – flies through the air in a magickal mortar and pestle), and

Hecate – (Greek) – 3 faces which are the three phases of the moon, goddess of prophecy, magick and witchcraft, worshiped at the crossroads and queen of the Otherworld, has a key and torch, totem is a black dog.

Kali – (Hindu) is another Crone. Jet black with many arms and necklace of skulls representing the passing of one into another life. Red tongue represents the vitality of the next life. Consort is Shiva the destroyer. Dances upon his recumbent body.

Morrigan – (Celtic) Queen of Ghosts and goddess of the dead. Shown as either gorgeous or totally withered. King Arthur’s magickal half sister. Usually conveys Arthur to the magick of Avalon. Many different Celtic consorts.

Four airts (pronounced ‘Eights’) are the four quarters – guardians of the magick circle. Invoked at the beginning of every major pagan ceremony. Represent the totality of existence and furthest extent of being. Universe stretches outward with the four directions. Calling the four airts means symbolizing all of existence. Airts is Scottish loosely for wind. Four winds or prevailing winds all associated with airts. North, East, South, West. Clockwise movement in the circle deosil or southward to raise energy, counterclockwise is tuathail or northward.
East = Air (thought, ideas, conceptions, beginnings, and new things)
South = Fire (Action, physical manifestation, creating, and doing)
West = Water (emotion, reaction which is the natural response to what has been manifested)
North = Earth (understanding, integration, wisdom)
Comes from Britain. At a center of a vast system of correspondences associated with the transmission of pagan thought. Memory and pattern thought.

Some correspondences are:
East = air, dawn, spring, maiden goddess, young god, youth, thoughts, and beginnings of all sorts
South = fire, noon, summer, adulthood, mother, sun king, manifestation, and action
West = water, dusk, fall, harvest, parenthood, queen, judge, emotion, and reaction
North = earth, night, winter, old age, crone, sorcerer, wisdom, and integration

Traditional Colors:
Air (East) = Red
Fire (South) = White
Water (West) = Grey
Earth (North) = Black

Contemporary Colors:
Air = Yellow
Fire = Red
Water = Blue
Earth = Green

East/Air = Athame (thought and decision, first moment of creation, symbolizing the god and son and brother of the Goddess, sword of art, phallus of the God, used to cast circle and Great Rite)
Fire/South = Wand (consort of the Goddess, facilitate energy, can also be used to cast a circle, should be of natural material)
West/Water = Chalice (Power of the Goddess of all creation, used for libations and drink offerings and give blessings)
North/Earth = Pentagram (Goddess of all things, used on the altar to focus energy, tool for consecrating). Pentacle is the five elements and a circle of unity. The longer something being consecrating sits on the pentacle, the strong it becomes.

Great Rite is the union between the Goddess (water) and the God (salt). The athame is used to stir the three pinches of salt. Stir deosil three times.

Formula for Magick
East = To Know
South = To Will
West = To Dare
North = To Keep Silent

The biggest problem that people have is by not forgetting about the spell after casting it.

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Week 9 – Glossary of Terms

July 8, 2010 at 1:44 pm (Glossary of Terms)

Airts – Scottish for the four winds.

Magick Circle – Used to create sacred space in which to perform ritual, work magick, or commune with our higher selves. Microcosmic re-inaction to our creation, has ties to all of existence. Primarily used for protection, serves to strengthen magickal power.

Guardians – Personified powers of the four airts and all they represent.

Directions – Representing the earth by four directions. Four is the number of manifestation because of the four elements that compose it. Represented by an equal armed cross.

Elements – Four elements are the building blocks of all creation contained in varying degrees in all things. Air, fire, water, and earth. Not the physical substances, but the qualities that are meant by the four elements. Fifth element is spirit in many cultures and traditions, but can be listed separately.

Deosil – Clockwise motion, same as the apparent motion as the sun. AKA “sunward motion.” Motion that raises energy that we wish to bring about. Most motion in a magick circle is Deosil. AKA southward.

Tuathail – Counterclockwise motion, opposite the apparent motion of the sun. Used for cleansing and purifying. Used to take down the magick circle. AKA northward.

Correspondences – Teaching system that uses sympathy. Items that use similar qualities are associated with each other.

Athame – Ancient tool of magick used for many purposes including casting a circle or incorporating materials. First of the four sacred tools.

Chalice – sacred cup in ritual. Cognate to the Holy Grail.

Pentacle – 5 pointed star in a circle. Principle symbol of the pagan religion. Represents the five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and spirit.

Boleen – Magickal tool, seldom used, magickal knife curved like the crescent moon. Bow of the moon is on the right. Used to harvest herbs, marking candles, marking wood. A working tool because of this. It is not a sacred tool like the athame.

Mortar and Pestle – Implements to grind plants into powder like material. Made of any material including wood, thick glass, brass, sandstone, marble, etc. Preferred to be cast iron because the ingredients can remain even after being washed which can affect future spells.

Wand – Staff used in pagan rituals related to the focusing of energy. A sacred ritual tool. Made of willow traditionally.

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Week 8 – Magickal Name, Animal Totem, Wand, Candle Colors

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Magickal Name
Witches in covens often had (and still have) a name that represents them magickally. This was done as a way to protect oneself during the Burning Times. However, now it’s often done with the intention to connect more deeply with the energies of the earth, nature, and the moon. First major step is to determine what really attracts you. Is it a certain name of a goddess/god, mineral, animal, astrological body, spirit, etc.? Then, there is a numerological formula that is important to follow in creating the name. Check out the formula here: http://www.asiya.org/bos/magickalnamemotto.html, or here: http://www.angelfire.com/in/wiccangarden/MagickalName.html

Meditation – Meeting Your Animal Totem
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. Imagine yourself walking out of the room that you are in, and just before you walk through the door out of the building/house, notice what you are wearing on your feet. Take them off, step through the doorway and put on a new pair of shoes for the journey. Notice them. What are you wearing? What are they made out of? Look up and see that you are standing at the beginning of a dirt path in the middle of a meadow. Start walking down the path. Notice the beauty of the day, the clouds, the wildflowers, the breeze, the birds, and other wildlife that might be around. Continue walking just enjoying the day.

Eventually you see that the path leads through a long stand of trees. Walk towards it. You notice that on the right is all juniper trees and on the left is all hemlock trees. You continue walking noticing that the treetops are touching creating a tree tunnel that the path continues through. The path eventually leads through the trees and you see a split rail fence made of wood on the left side of the path. Beyond it is a stream flowing towards you. To the right is more open meadow. Continue walking. Notice the clouds and shapes they are making. It’s a wonderful, beautiful day.

Eventually, there is an opening in the fence to the left and you walk through it towards the stream. You notice that farther down the stream is a bridge. You walk towards it. What kind of a bridge is it? What’s it made of? What color is it? You step onto the bridge and stop in the middle noticing the stream below you. What do you see? What is the quality of the water? What do you see in the stream? Eventually, you continue over the rest of the bridge. You notice that the grass is very soft, almost velvety, so you take off your shoes and continue on a path away from the stream.

You notice that there is a large formation of rocks up ahead. You approach it and walk around it, looking it over, seeing what it is made of. You notice that around that one of the curves is an indentation shaped much like that of a chair for you to sit on. As you sit in the rock and get comfortable, you notice that there is a forest in the distance with an opening in it. You sense that there are animals in the forest moving around and bustling about.

Eventually, one animal emerges from the opening, but it is in the distance still, so it is difficult to know right away what kind of an animal it is. It continues moving toward you and you start to make sense of its shape. This is your animal totem, the animal that is with you for life. Others may be present during different times in your life, but this is the one that is with you for your whole life. Look at each other. Extend your hand to gently touch your animal totem. What do you feel? Ask the animal its name. Ask if there are any messages at this time that the animal totem might want to share with you? Take some moments to talk with each other. After some time has passed, it becomes time to say farewell for the time being. Your animal turns and moves back towards the opening in the forest. Know that you can communicate with your animal totem at any time because it is always with you.

You stand up and move back along the path, towards the bridge, put your shoes back on, continue over the stream, returning back through the trees, through the meadow to where you once came from. Take a moment to take off your traveling shoes, step through the doorway, put back on your original shoes, and gently become awake.

Making a Wand for Your Altar
Ground and center. Ask for permission to be able to take the piece of wood. Wait for a response. If no response, go elsewhere. If yes, tell the tree what you need it for. If it is still on the tree, tell the tree the purpose for the branch. Cut the branch as cleanly as possible. If the branch is already fallen, you still need to ask permission. Thank the tree. Leave an offering for the tree: coin (buried), tobacco, or fertilizer. It is traditionally of willow, but it doesn’t have to be. Decorate the wand however you are moved to do so. It can be engraved, wrapped with leather, add a crystal, etc. as long as it is a natural decoration. Bark does not have to be removed, but it traditionally is.

Candle Colors and Spell Work
Red – Love, passion, courage, self-love, or friendship, 1st chakra
Orange – Strength, success, and joy, 2nd chakra
Yellow – Communication, clairvoyance, 3rd chakra
Green – Healing, prosperity, 4th chakra
Blue – Meditation, tranquility, moon rituals, 5th chakra
Purple – Spirituality, intuition, 6th chakra
White – Purity, protection, general spell candle, 7th chakra
Black – Absorb negative energy, 1st chakra
Pink – Emotional love, harmony, 4th chakra
Apple Green – Emotional healing, protection, 4th chakra
Light Blue – Clear communication, 5th chakra
Apricot – Gentle strength, devotions of joy, 2nd chakra
Lavender – Intuition, dignity, spiritual shielding, 7th chakra

Homework: 20 continuous minutes of meditation.  Can use something solid instead of a candle. The point is not to allow the mind wander. Choose something that is a challenge to focus on. Continue to use the incense. Once you feel comfortable with the 20 minutes in general, find something new to focus on.

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Week 7 – Litha Ritual

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Blessed Litha!

Midsummer Rituals (June 20, 21, or 22) – Marks the fight between the Holly King (holly does not die during the winter) and the Oak King (younger and strong). The Holly King wins because the sun is going to start to decline after this day. Each make a crown of flowers, dress in bright colors, and one will have the task of making a sun wheel. We will burn the sun wheel at summer solstice. A sun wheel is a wheel of flowers, ribbons, and an 8-spoked wheel. Oak King sacrifices the sun wheel before the duel. The duel is improv and is all about power. This is a festive holiday. There is eating afterwords. A ritual bath cleanses soul, spirit, and aura. Salt water (sea salt) is to be used. A cup of sea salt into a cleaning bucket. No towel drying, needs to air dry. You can pat your skin, but no towel drying. Come to the festival after having the ritual bath. During the ritual bath, it is a time of meditation. We will be in circle and ritualistically cleansed to meet the God and Goddess. Fast for four hours before the festival. Need to be able to raise energy and not have energies be focused on digestion.

Holly King

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