Week 8 – Magickal Name, Animal Totem, Wand, Candle Colors

July 1, 2010 at 1:39 am (Uncategorized)

Magickal Name
Witches in covens often had (and still have) a name that represents them magickally. This was done as a way to protect oneself during the Burning Times. However, now it’s often done with the intention to connect more deeply with the energies of the earth, nature, and the moon. First major step is to determine what really attracts you. Is it a certain name of a goddess/god, mineral, animal, astrological body, spirit, etc.? Then, there is a numerological formula that is important to follow in creating the name. Check out the formula here: http://www.asiya.org/bos/magickalnamemotto.html, or here: http://www.angelfire.com/in/wiccangarden/MagickalName.html

Meditation – Meeting Your Animal Totem
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. Imagine yourself walking out of the room that you are in, and just before you walk through the door out of the building/house, notice what you are wearing on your feet. Take them off, step through the doorway and put on a new pair of shoes for the journey. Notice them. What are you wearing? What are they made out of? Look up and see that you are standing at the beginning of a dirt path in the middle of a meadow. Start walking down the path. Notice the beauty of the day, the clouds, the wildflowers, the breeze, the birds, and other wildlife that might be around. Continue walking just enjoying the day.

Eventually you see that the path leads through a long stand of trees. Walk towards it. You notice that on the right is all juniper trees and on the left is all hemlock trees. You continue walking noticing that the treetops are touching creating a tree tunnel that the path continues through. The path eventually leads through the trees and you see a split rail fence made of wood on the left side of the path. Beyond it is a stream flowing towards you. To the right is more open meadow. Continue walking. Notice the clouds and shapes they are making. It’s a wonderful, beautiful day.

Eventually, there is an opening in the fence to the left and you walk through it towards the stream. You notice that farther down the stream is a bridge. You walk towards it. What kind of a bridge is it? What’s it made of? What color is it? You step onto the bridge and stop in the middle noticing the stream below you. What do you see? What is the quality of the water? What do you see in the stream? Eventually, you continue over the rest of the bridge. You notice that the grass is very soft, almost velvety, so you take off your shoes and continue on a path away from the stream.

You notice that there is a large formation of rocks up ahead. You approach it and walk around it, looking it over, seeing what it is made of. You notice that around that one of the curves is an indentation shaped much like that of a chair for you to sit on. As you sit in the rock and get comfortable, you notice that there is a forest in the distance with an opening in it. You sense that there are animals in the forest moving around and bustling about.

Eventually, one animal emerges from the opening, but it is in the distance still, so it is difficult to know right away what kind of an animal it is. It continues moving toward you and you start to make sense of its shape. This is your animal totem, the animal that is with you for life. Others may be present during different times in your life, but this is the one that is with you for your whole life. Look at each other. Extend your hand to gently touch your animal totem. What do you feel? Ask the animal its name. Ask if there are any messages at this time that the animal totem might want to share with you? Take some moments to talk with each other. After some time has passed, it becomes time to say farewell for the time being. Your animal turns and moves back towards the opening in the forest. Know that you can communicate with your animal totem at any time because it is always with you.

You stand up and move back along the path, towards the bridge, put your shoes back on, continue over the stream, returning back through the trees, through the meadow to where you once came from. Take a moment to take off your traveling shoes, step through the doorway, put back on your original shoes, and gently become awake.

Making a Wand for Your Altar
Ground and center. Ask for permission to be able to take the piece of wood. Wait for a response. If no response, go elsewhere. If yes, tell the tree what you need it for. If it is still on the tree, tell the tree the purpose for the branch. Cut the branch as cleanly as possible. If the branch is already fallen, you still need to ask permission. Thank the tree. Leave an offering for the tree: coin (buried), tobacco, or fertilizer. It is traditionally of willow, but it doesn’t have to be. Decorate the wand however you are moved to do so. It can be engraved, wrapped with leather, add a crystal, etc. as long as it is a natural decoration. Bark does not have to be removed, but it traditionally is.

Candle Colors and Spell Work
Red – Love, passion, courage, self-love, or friendship, 1st chakra
Orange – Strength, success, and joy, 2nd chakra
Yellow – Communication, clairvoyance, 3rd chakra
Green – Healing, prosperity, 4th chakra
Blue – Meditation, tranquility, moon rituals, 5th chakra
Purple – Spirituality, intuition, 6th chakra
White – Purity, protection, general spell candle, 7th chakra
Black – Absorb negative energy, 1st chakra
Pink – Emotional love, harmony, 4th chakra
Apple Green – Emotional healing, protection, 4th chakra
Light Blue – Clear communication, 5th chakra
Apricot – Gentle strength, devotions of joy, 2nd chakra
Lavender – Intuition, dignity, spiritual shielding, 7th chakra

Homework: 20 continuous minutes of meditation.  Can use something solid instead of a candle. The point is not to allow the mind wander. Choose something that is a challenge to focus on. Continue to use the incense. Once you feel comfortable with the 20 minutes in general, find something new to focus on.


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