Week 9 – Glossary of Terms

July 8, 2010 at 1:44 pm (Glossary of Terms)

Airts – Scottish for the four winds.

Magick Circle – Used to create sacred space in which to perform ritual, work magick, or commune with our higher selves. Microcosmic re-inaction to our creation, has ties to all of existence. Primarily used for protection, serves to strengthen magickal power.

Guardians – Personified powers of the four airts and all they represent.

Directions – Representing the earth by four directions. Four is the number of manifestation because of the four elements that compose it. Represented by an equal armed cross.

Elements – Four elements are the building blocks of all creation contained in varying degrees in all things. Air, fire, water, and earth. Not the physical substances, but the qualities that are meant by the four elements. Fifth element is spirit in many cultures and traditions, but can be listed separately.

Deosil – Clockwise motion, same as the apparent motion as the sun. AKA “sunward motion.” Motion that raises energy that we wish to bring about. Most motion in a magick circle is Deosil. AKA southward.

Tuathail – Counterclockwise motion, opposite the apparent motion of the sun. Used for cleansing and purifying. Used to take down the magick circle. AKA northward.

Correspondences – Teaching system that uses sympathy. Items that use similar qualities are associated with each other.

Athame – Ancient tool of magick used for many purposes including casting a circle or incorporating materials. First of the four sacred tools.

Chalice – sacred cup in ritual. Cognate to the Holy Grail.

Pentacle – 5 pointed star in a circle. Principle symbol of the pagan religion. Represents the five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and spirit.

Boleen – Magickal tool, seldom used, magickal knife curved like the crescent moon. Bow of the moon is on the right. Used to harvest herbs, marking candles, marking wood. A working tool because of this. It is not a sacred tool like the athame.

Mortar and Pestle – Implements to grind plants into powder like material. Made of any material including wood, thick glass, brass, sandstone, marble, etc. Preferred to be cast iron because the ingredients can remain even after being washed which can affect future spells.

Wand – Staff used in pagan rituals related to the focusing of energy. A sacred ritual tool. Made of willow traditionally.


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