Week 9 – Guardian of the West, Crone and Airts

July 8, 2010 at 3:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Guardian of the West Meditation
Relax your body. Take three deep breaths each inspiration, pause, expiration, and pause taking 3 seconds long. You walk out into in open field and draw an invoking pentagram. The pentagram has water that starts to pour out of its center. You move through the center of the pentagram and look around. You are on a shoreline. Take another moment to notice the area. What do you see? Are there any land formations along the coast? In the water you see whales and dolphins. Soon a figure begins to emerge from the water. As s/he gets closer, you begin to get a better sense of what s/he looks like. It is the Guardian of the West. You greet the Guardian and ask her/his name. You look to the water and see that a large dolphin is coming to the shore. The Guardian tells you to get on its back and know that you will be completely safe during your journey. As you get on the back and hold onto its dorsal fin, the dolphin begins to move slowly away from the shore.

You and the dolphin submerge into the water, and you notice immediately that you can still breath. The dolphin takes you to different parts of the ocean. What do you see? Do you see different seascapes? Different kinds of life? Enjoy the ride. Eventually, the dolphin takes you to an area filled with seashells. The dolphin tells you to take any one that you want. What kind do you choose? What does it look like? What color is it?

The dolphin then takes you back to the Guardian. You get off of the dolphin when you get back to the shore. Does the Guardian have a message for you? If so, what is it? You thank the dolphin and the Guardian for their time. You step through the pentagram. You do a banishing pentagram.

Elderly grandmother, represents last stage of life, psychic and magical powers at its strongest. Height of feminine power and wisdom and experience that comes with age. Goddess of wisdom, magic, and spirituality. Traditionally thought of as the patron of witches and witchcraft. Goddess of death and endings. Waning moon. Represents the ending of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Goddess of transformation and regeneration. The night without which there can be no dawn. Crone breaks down our old forms to make change and rebirth possible. Soul can never be destroyed, so death should be understood as a period of growth and regeneration. Crone is not a destroyer, but is a transformer. In this sense the crone might be compared to the black hole constantly changing and reshaping matter. Sometimes associated with fear because we don’t often see the emergence of the new form. Secrets revealed. Rules all of the archaean arts. Patron to the higher powers of the soul. In this sense is considered the patron of witchcraft. Path of wisdom is not an easy one and the seeker is presented with challenges. Nothing does more to empower us than to gain knowledge of self (via challenges and struggles). We must in time know every wound, regret, negative experiences which is the very heart of true witchcraft and power of the crone. It’s as the patron for quest of self knowledge that is referred to in mythology.

Some of the crone’s archetypes are:

Baba Yaga – (Russian mythology and folk tales – flies through the air in a magickal mortar and pestle), and

Hecate – (Greek) – 3 faces which are the three phases of the moon, goddess of prophecy, magick and witchcraft, worshiped at the crossroads and queen of the Otherworld, has a key and torch, totem is a black dog.

Kali – (Hindu) is another Crone. Jet black with many arms and necklace of skulls representing the passing of one into another life. Red tongue represents the vitality of the next life. Consort is Shiva the destroyer. Dances upon his recumbent body.

Morrigan – (Celtic) Queen of Ghosts and goddess of the dead. Shown as either gorgeous or totally withered. King Arthur’s magickal half sister. Usually conveys Arthur to the magick of Avalon. Many different Celtic consorts.

Four airts (pronounced ‘Eights’) are the four quarters – guardians of the magick circle. Invoked at the beginning of every major pagan ceremony. Represent the totality of existence and furthest extent of being. Universe stretches outward with the four directions. Calling the four airts means symbolizing all of existence. Airts is Scottish loosely for wind. Four winds or prevailing winds all associated with airts. North, East, South, West. Clockwise movement in the circle deosil or southward to raise energy, counterclockwise is tuathail or northward.
East = Air (thought, ideas, conceptions, beginnings, and new things)
South = Fire (Action, physical manifestation, creating, and doing)
West = Water (emotion, reaction which is the natural response to what has been manifested)
North = Earth (understanding, integration, wisdom)
Comes from Britain. At a center of a vast system of correspondences associated with the transmission of pagan thought. Memory and pattern thought.

Some correspondences are:
East = air, dawn, spring, maiden goddess, young god, youth, thoughts, and beginnings of all sorts
South = fire, noon, summer, adulthood, mother, sun king, manifestation, and action
West = water, dusk, fall, harvest, parenthood, queen, judge, emotion, and reaction
North = earth, night, winter, old age, crone, sorcerer, wisdom, and integration

Traditional Colors:
Air (East) = Red
Fire (South) = White
Water (West) = Grey
Earth (North) = Black

Contemporary Colors:
Air = Yellow
Fire = Red
Water = Blue
Earth = Green

East/Air = Athame (thought and decision, first moment of creation, symbolizing the god and son and brother of the Goddess, sword of art, phallus of the God, used to cast circle and Great Rite)
Fire/South = Wand (consort of the Goddess, facilitate energy, can also be used to cast a circle, should be of natural material)
West/Water = Chalice (Power of the Goddess of all creation, used for libations and drink offerings and give blessings)
North/Earth = Pentagram (Goddess of all things, used on the altar to focus energy, tool for consecrating). Pentacle is the five elements and a circle of unity. The longer something being consecrating sits on the pentacle, the strong it becomes.

Great Rite is the union between the Goddess (water) and the God (salt). The athame is used to stir the three pinches of salt. Stir deosil three times.

Formula for Magick
East = To Know
South = To Will
West = To Dare
North = To Keep Silent

The biggest problem that people have is by not forgetting about the spell after casting it.


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