Week 10 – Glossary of Terms

July 14, 2010 at 3:40 am (Glossary of Terms)

Magick – manipulation of energy

Higher Self – portion of one’s being that is in connection with the divine. By attuning to the higher self, we move in concert with the part of us which is divine. We have access to its knowledge and powers.

Shifting Consciousness – the process through which we rise through our normal thinking level to connect with our higher self. Magick is practiced as a conscious act by connecting to our higher self.

Keys – Something used to help cause a shift to a higher consciousness. Example: incense, candle.

“Do as you will, but harm none.” – One of the steadfast tenets. Self is included in not being harmed.

“Never manipulate freewill.” – Second tenet. Binding someone’s actions can be done (not without karmic justice) when all earthly attempts have been made.

Karma – Justice. Good begets good; bad begets bad.

Law of Three – Belief that what you do comes back threefold.

Psychism – Art of using the powers of the soul passively to receive information through the higher self. Magick is actively using the powers of the soul.

Grounding – Clearing and releasing excess energy to focus on the here and now always after magickal or psychic work. Connecting to the energy of the earth. Grounding can be done for other times when you need to clear and release energy.

Psychic Vampire – Someone who pulls energy from others.

Psychic Shielding – Done to strengthen one’s aura to keep out negative or extraneous or unwanted energies or psychic energies

Aura – Field of spiritual energy around the body. The size, shape, and colors can tell a lot about one’s current conditions. The color of aura will change as you move.

Visualization – Art of imagining something very strongly. Focus your mind and emotion to shape that which is visualized into reality. Need to be able to see something for the magick to work.

Releasing – allowing excess energy to flow out of you so that it can be grounded. Returned to Mother Earth so that it can be reused in other ways. It can also be things that you want to get rid of in your life. It can be transformed into something else.

Veil – The inability of the ordinary (conscious) mind to easily access the power and memories of the soul. If you have a “thin” veil, you can access every life you’ve ever lived and their experiences.

Magickal Circle – Common feature of most magickal traditions. Energy construct which serves to amplify energy, confine, and thus intensify it. Creates a temple into which the divine may enter. A space that is not a space in a time that is not in a time. No longer on the physical plane of existence.
Sacred Space – Used for magickal work or worship. An altar can be a sacred space once consecrated and cleansed.

Negative Energy – Unfocused energy. Has nothing to do with good or evil. Undirected or polluted with various charges. Tend to hamper the free flow of consciously directed energy. Cleansing means pushing out negative energy from that area.

Energy Construct – Energy is the basic substance of which the universe is made. It responds to thought and emotion, which gives it shape and form. In magick, we use thought and energy to create. Energy constructs are basically batteries, or a repository from which additional resources may be used as needed. It can be something as simple as an energy vortex, which increases the amount of energy for use. The magickal circle is a “battery” or an energy vortex (released and directed energy) or an energy construct.

Fingers – Index finger is the Goddess. Middle finger is the God finger.

Asperge – To asperge something is to sprinkle it with blessed water for the purpose of blessing, consecrating.

Dismiss – To release energy construct or energy deity that has been invoked.

Great Rite – Physical representation of the union of the Goddess and God – athame (or God finger) into the chalice. Physical union of the priestess and priest in some traditions.


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