Week 12 – Infusions, Magickal Circle & Consecration Ritual

July 28, 2010 at 5:35 am (Uncategorized)

Water Infusions
One teaspoon of dried herb or one and a half teaspoons of fresh herb with a cup of boiling water.  Maintain that combination even if you’re working with more than one herb. Place the botanical into a non-reactive container (glass). Allow the herbs to sit in the bath for 5-15 minutes.
For a floor wash, remove the herbs. For a magical bath, put the herbs in a cheesecloth and let it sit in the bath with you.

Oil Based Infusions

Standard portions: One cup of oil for one ounce of fresh or one half ounce of dried. Place herb in a stainless steel bowl. Cover with oil. Gently heat it over simmering water as with a double boiler, or have the bowl float on the simmering water. Or, use a crock-pot on low heat for two hours. Stir occasionally. It shouldn’t smoke, bubble, or burn. Allow oil to cool completely, ALL herbs must be removed through several layers of cheesecloth. If the spell includes flowers, you can add them after the oil is cooled and strained. Store in an airtight container. Oils can be extra virgin olive oil.

Solar Charged Infusions
Place herb in a jar with a tight lid. Pour the oil over the herbs with them completely covered. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Let the jar sit all day in sun and in a  warm cupboard for two weeks. Strain in the same way for all oil based infusions.

Flower Oil Infusions
Does not require heat. Traps the power of the fragrance of flowers. Place clean dried petals in a jar and cover completely with oil. Use an oil with minimal fragrance like jojoba or almond oil. Allow the petals to steep in the oil for three days, shake occasionally with the jar in the cupboard at night. Strain in the same way for all oil based infusions. Fill the jar again with dried petals. Cover them with the oil from the first concoction. Repeat steps. Do it a third time (or more). Strain again. 2-3 weeks shelf life in the fridge. Add a quarter teaspoon of simple benzoin tincture that can be found at most pharmacies.

Magick Circle
Cast for most magickal rituals and purposes. It is an energetic construct used for intensifying magickal energy. It acts like a battery of energy until it is released. It also removes us from this plane of existence and puts us between the physical and astral planes.

“We are in a place that is not a place and in a time that is not a time.”

Ritual requires it for the purpose of creating a temple into which the God, Goddess, and Spirit are called in. The Guardians are invited to guard the temple for the Lady and Lord against unwanted energies. In ritual procedure, the circle needs to be cast first.

Circle Casting

Sacred tools are extensions of us, so tools are not necessary to cast a circle. You can use the God (middle finger) and Goddess (index finger) fingers. However, many prefer to use an athame or wand to cast a circle.  Ground yourself by sinking your receptive hand into the Earth’s energy. The energy then goes into your solar plexus, out your giving hand. Do not use your personal energy. Pull energy from the Earth (and even air through crown chakra). Three times around the circle clockwise (deosil) and then extended up and down. Some traditions start in the North and others in the East.

To reopen the circle at the end of a ritual, start at the same place where you started when you cast the circle. Imagine that the energy of the circle is coming back into you through your hand and arm and back into your solar plexus. Move counterclockwise (tuathil) and feel the energy of the circle coming back into your body. Once you’ve completed a round, you can place your palms on the floor/ground and send the energy back to the Earth.

Consecrating Ritual

The following is a consecrating ritual to consecrate the four sacred tools of the altar – pentacle, wand, chalice, and athame.

Items Needed:

  • All items to be consecrated (in this case the four sacred tools – pentacle, wand, chalice, and athame)
  • White candle
  • Frankincense & myrrh
  • Charcoal
  • Cauldron or a container that can safely support a small fire
  • Flax seed
  • Sage
  • Water (rain water or water from a natural spring that is not polluted; bottled water may be a good source if it is from a clean, natural spring; tap water is not preferred because of the chemicals that are added like fluorine)
  • Dried flower petals from two different species of flowers
  • Salt (pure salt such as sea salt, not iodized)


  1. Have all of the items listed above present for the ritual
  2. Have the altar facing north.
  3. Sage your space.
  4. Place one piece of charcoal into the cauldron (or fire-safe container) and light it.
  5. Pour the water into the offering dish on your altar. Add some salt to another offering dish.
  6. Place some flax seed at each corner of your altar.
  7. Cast a circle the encompasses the whole room or area that you are in including the altar. Once the circle is cast, no one should be entering or leaving until it is reopened.
  8. Add three pinches of salt to the water and stir three times clockwise with Goddess finger (index finger). This is called the Great Rite.
  9. Light the white candle and say your intentions clearly. Below is a sample of what you can say:
    “I light this candle and beckon the light to come forth, So Mote It Be.
    Spirits of the Universe and Elements that govern, hear my plea.
    Know that in this time and in this space,
    With all of my tools and my Pentacle, which respect as a divine symbol,
    Tool of my craft and tool of protection,
    I come before You to consecrate.”
  10. Place the frankincense and myrrh onto the charcoal so that it can begin to smolder and release smoke.
  11. Holding your hands over all of your items to be consecrated, clearly state your intentions. Below is a sample of what you can say:
    “One heart, one mind, one magick,
    One truth, one body, one energy,
    In perfect joy and perfect peace,
    In perfect love and perfect trust,
    I open the gateway of transformation
    And call forth the power of Spirit bringing the Serenity of Divine order to these sacred tools.”
  12. With the frankincense and myrrh creating the incense, pass each of the items through the incense and clearly say your intentions. An example can be:
    “Sacred flame in hole name
    One heart, one mind, one magick
    I cleanse and consecrate thee
    Filling thee  with the Universal power of love.”
  13. Sprinkle each of the items with water (not the same used in the offering dish for the Great Rite) and clearly say your intentions. An example can be:
    “Liquid light, sacred sight
    One heart, one mind, one magick
    I cleanse and consecrate thee
    Filling thee with the Universal power of truth.”
  14. Sprinkle each of the items with the dried flowers and clearly say your intentions. An example can be:
    “Enchanted flower lend your power
    One heart, one mind, one magick
    I cleanse and consecrate thee
    Filling thee with the Universal power of light.”
  15. With hands over all the objects on the altar, clearly say the witch’s ladder.
    “The power of one
    The unity of two
    The trinity of three
    The stability of four
    The change of five
    Six, center, Earth to sky
    The success of seven
    The mastery of eight
    The wish of nine
    Ten, the infinite blend
    Spirit here will never end.”
  16. Pull down your circle of light and energy by, and ground it by placing your palms on the floor/ground to send the energy back to the Earth.
  17. Extinguish the candle and allow all the items to remain where they are over night so that they may gain energy. If you must put them away, you may do so the next day.

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