Happy Lughnasadh!

August 1, 2010 at 6:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Cross quarter day and Greater Sabbat.  Lammas is a contraction of “loaf” and “mass” honoring the first loaf of bread. The god sacrifices himself and dies willingly for his rebirth at Yule. His willingness to die makes his death sacred and makes an offering to life and rebirth. He is dying as a form of exchange of energies. This is not a sacrificial death because we are to be saved as is honored in Christianity. It is more appropriate to liken this to a harvest or an orgasm because there is a release of life continuing seed and receiving an immediate pleasure for his sacrifice. This is not a tragedy because of the cycle of life. We are taking his spirit into our selves when we take in the ritual bread. This is a sabbat of games, song, and fun. Lugh is the Celtic Sun God and established all of the games and songs in honor of his mother. The death of the God represents the cycle of life that sustains us. His death is symbolic of the all that dies and his reborn. He is reborn with the reseeding. He is why we are immortal through his cycles. The Goddess never dies, so it is the God who perpetuates the earthly cycles. His death is so that the cycles continue on the Earth.

Goddess participates in experiencing death by experiencing Lugh’s (Grain God) death.


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