Week 13 – Deity

August 18, 2010 at 1:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Invocation – Prayer addressing Deity, asking for help and Deity’s presence. Can be directed to Universal, Personal, or Patron Deity. Envision the Deity strongly in your third eye, even standing before you.

Universal Deity – Conceived as being everywhere in everything. Divine consciousness that gives life and energy to all that exists. Above and beyond all manifestations. Creator, sustainer, and essence of all things. Neither masculine or feminine in character, and is so far beyond our understanding that we can only imagine its full nature. Often refer to Universal Deity as Mother/Father God showing that all aspects are present. Christians call this God, but personify it as masculine. One force, one power in the universe. “All that is.” Without form of any kind. Any attempt to define or depict Universal Deity will limit our understandings.

Universal Deity is like a diamond that can be cut and seen as many new facets (personal deity)

Personal Deity – An aspect of Universal Deity with which we can make a personal connection.  Through the many individual aspects of personal deity, we can learn many aspects of Universal Deity that we wouldn’t be able to do abstractly. Interpreted through the mythology of personal deity. Translated by us so that we can understand them. All the myriad and mythology surrounding Deity.

Seven great powers are the seven archetypes of Deity.

Seven Archetypes of the Deity
Goddess – Maiden, Mother, Crone
God – Hero, Lover, King, Sorcerer


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