Week 15 – Symbols & Divination

August 18, 2010 at 3:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Use of an easily recognizable animal or object to represent a more abstract or elevated concept.

  • A serpent (symbol) used for a connection to the divine power (abstract concept). A feather may represent truth, purity, or element of air.
  • A chalice may represent the womb.
  • Casting of the circle and calling of the quarters represents the creation of the universe and the four elements of the universe.
  • The conjoining of the chalice and athame represents the joining of God/Goddess, spirit/matter, and life/death.
  • Plants, animals, and abstract motifs can be used to convey deeper meaning with the use of decorations.
  • An athame with a stag represents the wisdom of the elder god, while an athame with white oak leaves represents the young god.

Allegory uses story or symbolic action to convey many meanings. Simpler symbols used to make the abstract and complex more understandable. Permeates both the conscious and subconscious minds. Make an emotional connection to information, which might otherwise be hard to understand.

Omens are symbolic messages from Goddess or Spirit, which come in many forms or at any time. A black cat might seen as a warning to avoid excessive risks and to be careful. Superstitious view would be “unlucky.” Omens are not superstitions because they are messages from Goddess or Spirit. They are not rooted in fear. Since the spirit of the Goddess is in all things, all things can be omens or messages from her. Attend to what the omens mean to you. Different messages can be present depending on the individual who it’s intended for. As you get more in touch with your higher self, you will get more and more omens. Familiarize yourself with a wide variety of symbols, but know that you are not locked to one interpretation. You can ask for an omen in response to a question – divination.

Make a journal with a list of omens and what they mean to you.

A system of symbols used to converse with deity. When you ask for a symbol, that is divination. Give a pro and a con for the question that you’re asking. For example, ask for a penny heads up if you should do whatever your asking about, and make sure you have the converse (finding a penny on the ground in a tails-up position) as part of the request.
Different systems: tarot cards, tea leaves, and runes. As you become proficient in a system, deity will speak to you through that.

Using a Pendulum
Most pendulums need to be charged with your energy before using them. To do so, place the pendulum in your left hand for a few minutes so that it can collect some of your energy. Then, ground and center yourself. Place the pendulum in your dominant hand and dangle it by holding the top of the chain. Ask either your spirit guide or your animal totem to come into the pendulum. Call her/him by name if you know it. The reason for asking the spirit to come into the pendulum is because you want the spirit to be guiding the pendulum, not you having the influence over the movement of the pendulum. Once you feel that the spirit is in the pendulum (it’s probably more that the spirit is using it’s energy to influence the pendulum more than it is that the spirit is actually residing in the pendulum). Ask the spirit to show you what “yes” looks like. Thank the spirit. The pendulum might stop moving on its own, or you might have to stop it with your free hand. Thank the spirit. Always thank the spirit after each time. Then, ask the spirit to show you what “no” looks like. The pendulum should move in two distinctly different ways. Ask the spirit a “trick” question, in other words, ask a question that you know the answer to, and you should get the correct response. You should feel like you’re “out of the way” and the spirit should be the only thing influencing the pendulum. You might also need to take time to let the spirit influence the swing of the pendulum in ways that s/he is trying to do so. Be patient with the process, and don’t rush to interpret the answer. If you need to, ask the spirit a couple of times or more just so that you’re sure that you’re getting her/his answer and not your influence over the pendulum. When you ask the spirit questions that you don’t have an answer to, know also that the spirit may not want to give you an answer because a yes/no response may not be the best way to answer that questions, or the spirit feels that you need to experience that on your own. There is usually a good reason if the spirits are not giving you an answer. Lastly, know that it’s important to really get a good connection between your spirit guide and your pendulum, not just for accuracy, but also because other “trickster” spirits that are around might want to influence it and can do so if you don’t call with confidence your spirit guide to the pendulum.

Of course, there’s no one way to do this. Here’s another:


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