Week 17 – Chakras, Magick & Spells

September 23, 2010 at 1:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Chakras (Plexi)
Energy centers connected by meridians. When several meridians intersect, they form a chakra. You may use any chakra, but use of the seven major chakras is most common. Circuits are the ways in which the energy flows.

Solar circuit is based in solar chakra and keeps the body’s basic functions going. Fueled by the inexhaustible energy of the soul. Runs automatically just like breathing. Don’t need to do anything to keep it running, but we can give it energy by through the heart chakra.

Lunar circuit is based in the root chakra, studied by the Hindu systems, and often called the Kundalini. It is not automatic. Can be engaged through study and training. Used to perform high level magick. Capable of incredible results. Can also be very dangerous and hard to handle, must use with great care. Must be deliberately started and stopped. Runs only for short periods of time.

Stellar circuit is primarily used to receive energy into the body especially for communication (channeled messages and clairvoyance), based in the crown chakra. Good for working with ancestors and spirit guides. It must be started and stopped, does not run automatically. Most often used for healing.

One of these three circuits will be used for healing, but it generally goes where it’s needed.

Aura is an energy envelope that surrounds the body, and can be several feet radiating away from the body. Beginners feel levels closest to the body. Can locate blockages in the chakra system through the aura. Fill the aura with light for healing. Color and quality of the light determines the nature of the healing. Used for shielding, strengthening, healing, cleansing, etc.

Magick and Spells
Active part of pagan beliefs. Cannot be magickal without being pagan knowingly or unknowingly. Magick is a manipulation of energy and ritual to bring about a desired result.

Three types of magick:
White Magick – Pure with goodness and light. Healing, prosperity, ridding oneself of bad habits, universal love, all good things.
Grey Magick – Magick of necessity which may involve the manipulation of another’s will or action. Bindings, banishings, love from an individual, healing against another’s wishes. Carry with them karmic fallout if you perform them; there is always a price to pay with a severity based on the action taken.
Black Magick – Magick that hurts another. Death spells, magick which takes something from another, and any spells that focus harm. High karmic payment. Also encompasses different types of High Magick which enlists the aids of Christian angels and demons for the will and desire of humans.

Kabala – From the original Jewish faith is High Magick developed by King Solomon. Alastair Crowley used this and used “Do as you will” as your only guide.

Magick must also be worded properly to attain your desired end. Written in rhyme and follow a specific pentameter. Must know what you want to say and say it in the proper order. There is a time for the spell to manifest, ingredients required, and order in which the spell is performed.

From the hour of 12, count 24
That’s how long the spell is for
From now until it’s now again
At which time the spell will end
(Provides a start and stop time for the spell)

These words will chase the clouds from me
So only blue is what I see
(Gives purpose and result)

Keep the spell as short as possible.
Witch’s Ladder – Specific knots tied with specific intentions

Goddesses and Gods called on for specific spells and attend to the culture and representation of them. Works the same as adding oils, herbs, or minerals to your spell. Calling in goddesses and gods is not necessary, though.

The power of the spell comes primarily for you and your emotions. The stronger you feel about something, the more powerful the spell will be. Anger can be used as an emotion to create banishing. Draw on a time when there was upheaval to include that energy if needed.

Visualization is a necessary tool. If you can’t see it, you can’t manifest it. Visualization meditation work is very helpful for this.

Belief in your magick is a must. Doubting your magick will kill the spell before it even leaves your lips.
Thought is a very powerful tool. If you think it won’t work, it won’t work. A prosperity spell can be as easy as lighting a green candle. You don’t need to say anything or invoke anyone.

Depending on your spells purpose, it can manifest in 24 hours or six months. You must word spells with a specific time frame. If it does not manifest itself in a period of time, then it may not be meant to be.

Spell Casting
When casting a spell, always write down the entire spell with the items needed to cast it. Then, review it and the reasons you’re casting the spell. Be thorough. Meditate on your intent long and hard. If you’re sure you want to cast it, then you should divine and answer from the goddess or god to determine if the spell should be done. When you are sure of the answer, then proceed. You can seek three definite yeses from divination (or two yeses and no no’s). Source of energy needs to be determined:
Ancestoral – from our ancestors, not necessarily blood related.
Divine (Deity) – Always remember to be respectful, loving, and humble in your approach. Always leave an offer for energy and sustenance like water and cake.

“To know, to dare, to will, to keep silent”
To know – Know exactly what it is that you want to achieve and that you have the knowledge how to cast the spell.
To dare – Having considered all possible outcomes, you’re still willing to take the risks. Magick is not an exact science, so it cannot be fully controlled. It will always take the path of least resistance to achieve it’s goal.
To will – Go for it whole-heartedly and with no reservations.
To keep silent – Letting go. In bowling you have to release and let the ball go knowing that you have no control once it’s gone. You must let the spell go completely. If you hold on to it, you’re likely to talk about it which ties the spell to you and doesn’t allow for it to go into the astral level. This will disempower your spell, inviting someone to negate it or redirect it. Wait until after you feel that it either worked or didn’t work. This is the hardest thing to do. After doing the spell, do something else immediately so that it is out of your mind.

The average time span of the spell is the full cycle of the moon (28 days).

Cleaning up after the spell dispels sacred space, and clears things that are magickally charged. Water should be returned to the earth. Candles should be buried on your property if it is an attraction spell, and off your property for a banishing spell. Do not blow out a candle. Let them burn out all the way and no burying needed. Candles are used once per spell. God, goddess, and spirit candles are not used for spells.

Amulets or charm must be disempowered when they are not used any more. It could fall into the hands of someone else and change the meaning and intent of the magick. If it is paper, burn it. If it is solid, leave it exposed to the elements for a full lunar cycle placed where it will not be disturbed in contact with the earth, sun, wind, and rain can reclaim that energy. This can be done with a simple ceremony asking the elements to take back the energy.

Never give charged items away that have not been disempowered unless it is intended for that person.

Explore seeing and feeling the auras on trees, animals and people.


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