Week 17 – Glossary of Terms

September 23, 2010 at 1:29 pm (Glossary of Terms)

Channeling – Messages are information are imparted to a person via energy transfer from spirit guides, ancestors, or deity.

Energy Transfer – Transfer of energy from one person or thing to another. Energy can be transfered between any two things because energy makes up everything.

Plexus (Plexi) – Latin term used in Hindu for chakra.

Meridian – Pathways that energy follows as it flows between chakras.

Circuit – Pathways that energy travels in the body. Follows the circuit moving along the meridians between chakras.

Solar Circuit – Based in the solar chakra, energy system keeps the energy systems of the body going. Inexhaustible, automatic, and the energy of the soul.

Lunar Circuit – Based in the root chakra, used to perform high level magick, only developed through training and practice.

Stellar Circuit – Used to receive energy into the body, based in the crown chakra

Kundalini – Energy used in the lunar circuit.

Aura – Halo of energy which surrounds the body. Part of the soul’s energy.

Transmuting – Change from one state (raise the energy of vibration to a purer form) to another.

Wheel of Fate – Fate or Karma portrayed as wheel, rota fortuna, or Wheel of Fortune. Represents the eternal cycle of existence.


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