Week 18 – Spellcasting with Plants, Animals, and Spirits, and Elemental Magick

September 23, 2010 at 2:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Spell Casting with Animals
Connect with the energy on the animal. No animal parts included now, but people were responsible for killing their own animals for food, and no part was wasted. Some parts were used in magick. Out of context, this might seem cruel. Animal sacrifice has no place for animal sacrifice.

In charms, you can consecrate charms with animal energies.

Burn a dove shaped candle to connect with Aphrodite and call in love.

Musk from deer.
Heart of a hawk means heart of wormwood.
Tongue of lion means “tongue” of turnip.
Semen of Hercules means arugula.
Doctor’s bone means sandstone.

Old spells were often written in code in order to encrypt and protect their meanings from those who are unknowing.

Spell Casting with Plants
Plants are dominant in spells and present in all varieties of spells.

Gardens can be used to create ongoing spells. Spells are kept alive by attending to the gardening and removing plants with conflicting energies.

Spell gardens are extremely powerful. They are symbiotic in that they provide energy for you and complementary animals. You care for them, they care for you.

Spiritual or magickal alignment with plants. Living plants are more powerful than harvested plants. Dried plants have magickal powers, but lack intelligence. Communicate with and nurture your plants. They become partners in magick or in healing. There is a lot of stress for plants right now. They need support.

Dry botanicals, oils
Rituals and spells are incorporated in their harvesting to maximize their powers. Removing live plants from the earth is done through rituals to ask permission from the earth, and spirits. You can either gain tremendous energy from the plants or offend the earth and spirits. It is not appropriate to take the plants out of the ground without addressing the plant’s presiding spirit. You must give a gift such as water, tobacco, honey, wine, or a burning of fragrant incense. Use your hand or a dedicated tool like a boline or a pair of pruning scissors.

Cleansing and Consecrating a Tool Ritual
Place the item on the paton (pentacle) on the altar.
3 times counterclockwise with power hand.
“I remove all negative energy from this item.”
3 times clockwise with power hand.
“I consecrate this item.”
Leave it on the pentacle for as long as you can to gather energy.

Casting Spells with Dry Botanicals
Dried plants and oil are the most popular items.
Drying plants is good especially for using them during times of the year when they are not available.
Roots are powerful, but indistinguishable once turned in powder.
Drying a plant:
Hang it upside down in a well ventilated area out of the sun.

One medium or power is encouraged to empower each other.
Tea is the most popular example.
Water based infusions (1 tsp of dried herb or 1.5 tsp of fresh herb for every cup of boiling water). Multiple herbs still mean that the total measurement of herbs doesn’t change (½ tsp each for two herbs).
Boil for 10-15 minutes with the herb.
Remove herb for floorwash, keep herb for magickal baths

Oil based infusions:
1 cup of oil with 1 oz of fresh herb or ½ oz of dried herb
Place herb in stainless steal bowl, cover with oil. Gently heat with a double boiler method. Stir and heat for 30 minutes. Keep covered.
Substitute with crock pot is okay.
Allow oil to cool.
Strain herbs through multiple layers of cheesecloth to prevent from turning rancid.
Add essential oils or flowers after oil is strained and cooled.
Store in airtight container.

Essential Oils
Most powerful. Come from steamed process. Never take internally without supervision. Essential oils are usually the last ingredient added because of their volatility. They are not appropriate during pregnancy. Usually diluted with carrier oils before using. Evaporate completely into the air. Do not grow rancid.

True (Fixed, Carrier, or Base) Oils
Have their own magick and power. Castor oil has protective, commanding properties. Sweet almond oil used for romantic and erotic spells. Mineral oil (baby oil) is a petroleum based oil used for hexes or malevolent spells. Do not evaporate and will become rancid. Extracted from the seeds or a fruit of a plant.
Fragrance Oils
Synthetics are substituted because of price to extract. No such thing as cherry or apple essential oil. No essential oil of rain. Fragrance oils are synthetic, and complete true complete magickal power.

Flower Essence Remedies
Morning dew was collected by witches and alchemists to collect the flower essences. They contain the perfect balance of the four elements. These are consumed, usually 4 drops per day as a dose. Topical administration is also effective.


Elements in Magick
Elements in symbolism are the four elements and are all that exist physical and spiritual.
Defined during the Renaissance.

Closest to home. Does not necessarily represent just the earth. It represents the foundation, prosperity, and wealth. It is the foundation of all spells involving business, money, employment, prosperity in all its forms, stability, and fertility.

Ritual could be as simple as burying it in the virgin ground and drawing images in the earth.

Earth is a feminine element, moist, fruitful. Envision the earth as a great mother goddess such as Gaia.

Earth rules the northern point because it is a place of great darkness and winter.

Color is green.

Governs stones, trees, and knot magick.

Intellect, first step towards creation. Air is clear, uncluttered, pure visualization which is a powerful tool for change. It is also movement which sends the energy out for manifestation.

Rules spells involving travel, instruction, freedom, attaining knowledge, discovering lost objects, uncovering lies, and can be used to develop the psychic faculties.

Usually include placing an object in the air, dropping it off a cliff, and generally being in contact with air.

Air is masculine, being dry, expansive, and active. It is the element that excels in places of learning and is at work when we theorize or think.

Air rules the east because this is the direction of the creates light, light of wisdom and consciousness.
Color is yellow, color of the sun and sky at dawn. It’s season is spring.

Air governs the magick of the four winds, most divinations, concentration, and visualization magick.

Element of change, will, and passion. It is contained in all forms of magick since it is a a form of change.

Fire magick can be frightening. The results are manifested quickly, is the most primal, and is used for these reasons.

Realm of sexuality and passion. Spark of divinity that shines within us and all living things. Most physical and spiritual of the elements. Magickal rituals involve authority, sex, healing, destruction of negative habits or disease, purification or evolution.

A ritual of fire usually involves the burning or smoldering of an image or object, or the use of candles for small fires.

Usually practiced near the hearth. Can be by a lit candle, as well.


Rules the South, place of great heat.

Color is red. Season is summer.

Element of purification, subconscious mind, love and emotions. Water is the element of absorption and germination. Always moving like the seas that never rest. Water magick involves pleasure, friendship, marriage, fertility, happiness, healing, sleep, dreaming, psychic acts, and purification.

Ritual involves tossing an object into a body of water.

Water is feminine. Color is blue of the deep water. Rules the West and Autumn when rain showers wash the earth.

Magick of water is created with mirrors, the sea, fog, rain.

Air Magick
Four types based on the four types of winds (north, east, south, west). Refers to the direction from where it’s coming, not where it’s going.

North Wind
Wind of death or the elimination of negativity. North wind is cold, blowing from the direction of winter. Dry or barren, paving way for destruction. If you are depressed, angry, jealous, and the wind is blowing from the north, face the wind so that it can free you of these things. If you wish to banish anything, do it during the north wind. It is also the wind of the element earth and shares some of its qualities. Wind being dry, not favorable for fertility or prosperity magick. Spells involving healing can greatly aid with the north wind. The north wind is black and rules night.

East Wind
Freshness, renewed life, strength, power, and intellect. Warm bracing wind that blows from the point where the sun moon and stars make their appearance. Involved with beginnings, new phenomenon which arises from the north wind, heat from the sun, spark of creation. Spells concerning dramatic improvements, changes in behavior, involving the mind, and the air. Love spells focus on an intellectual love. Color is white and symbolically rules dawn.

South Wind
Hot and fiery. Symbolically rules noon when the sun is highest in the sky and the time of the greatest light and heat. Related to fire, its magick is the same. The south wind can be used for any type of magick when it’s blowing since it is hot and strong. Spells will have an extra jolt of power. Be warned, though. Even the fire of the south wind diluted can be potent and intense. Color is yellow of the sun at noon time.

West Wind
Blow cool and moist. Fertile loving force which is gentle and persuasive. Rules twilight when all is at a standstill, day an night merge into a magickal landscape. Sunset is an excellent time to perform magick. Water magick for love, healing, and fertility is excellent to perform with the West Wind, especially for cleansing and purely religious rituals. Color is the blue of the sky just before light fades.

Death Spells
Spells and rituals learned for the purpose of using them after death. Tibetan and Egyptian books of the dead for these purposes. Prepared for afterlife examinations.

Types of spells:
Prepare the dead so that they will not bother the dead. This includes funeral rites and rituals. Incorrect rites could produce ghosts, vampires, etc. Leaves the soul vulnerable to a sorcerer who could capture it, make it evil, or enslaved to the sorcerer.
Permit the living to avail themselves of the dead’s special powers with or without the dead’s permission.
If the dead’s soul cannot transition to the next life, then they hang around for a very long time.

Death spirits – attitude shared with the ancients. Two categories: spirits who serve to ease the transition from this life to the next and those who preside over the death process (cemeteries). Many spirit guardians of death’s doors remain unnamed because people are afraid that they will show up with we use their name. “Hades” means the unseen one. Pluton means wealth because he owns everything. They can be very welcomed and needed at the right moment. Using them in spells is done, such as Hella, Persephone, Cali, Shiva, and Osiris. Appeal to them to protect the souls of the dead and maintain control over them. Petition them for access to spirits of the dead.

Psychopomps – conductor of souls (Greek). Specific type of spirit entrusted with a specific function of leading souls to the land of the living and the dead. They sponsor and guide shamans who journey back and forth between the realms. They carry specific emblems like a key, a cutting implement, and/or a torch. Cluso carries scissors to cut ties to the living and a torch to lighten path to a new life. Angels like Gabriel, Azriel, and the Angel of Death all from the Jewish tradition. Anubus, Hathor, and Wepwawat all from the Eastern tradition. Norse has Valkyries and Fraia. Greek have Hecatate and Hermes. Animals can serve, too, such as dogs or jackals or wolf, butterflies, snakes, ravens, crows, hornbills, and frigates. Blessed if any of these animals shows up at a funeral service indicating that a escort has arrived.

Write an attraction spell for prosperity (money, emotional, etc.).  Use rhyme and beats (iambic pentameter), up to ten or twelve lines with a minimum of four.


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