Week 19 – Stones, Crystals, Talisman, and Amulets

September 23, 2010 at 2:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Stones & Crystals
Have their own auras and energies which can affect your own aura. They can also assist in magic, spell casting. Each stone has its own characteristic energy fields. The best way to find the stone you need is to lay the stones out, and slow run your hand just over the stones, or will take one stone in your hand at a time and feel its energy (sensing the stone).

Talismans and Amulets
Magickal items used to bring about changes, carried on the person, on a chain, on a desk, etc. Used for stimulating creativity, prosperity, communication, psychic receptivity, strengthening magical ability, success to something specific, or overcoming specific problems.

Talisman – Natural object, such as a stone, used in its natural state or with minor augmentation. Found stones, four leaf clover (one of the oldest), found penny, gemstones. Stone carried in a pouch is a talisman.

Amulet – Specially created object just for one purpose. Something we make. Stone set as ring is an amulet. Can be made of anything. Egyptian onc drawn on a paper.

How it feels to the user is the most important aspect. Be empowered to create the amulets in the way that you want to.

Charging an Amulet or Talisman
Hold in your hands, visualize white light, focus on the purpose of the item, imbue the item with that energy.

Lay the item on the consecrated pentacle. Use your dominant hand, counterclockwise, three times, “I exorcise all negative energy.” Blow on your hand to cleanse it. Use the same hand, clockwise movement, say “I infuse this amulet with Universal energies for the purpose of ____.” Let it remain on the pentacle for a minimum of 24 hours at least, 7 days will allow for the power to grow 100 fold.

Crystalline stones (translucent only) will charge in the direct moonlight (phase doesn’t matter) for an hour. Do not put them in salt or the earth, even though there are books that say to do that. Regular stones will charge in the sunlight for an hour.

Diffusing the Power of the Amulet and Talisman
Diffuse of the power of the amulet or talisman when it is no longer needed. Burn it (for paper), crystalline stones can cleanse in sunlight in one hour, amulets in the form of jewelry need to be exposed to all four elements for 24 hours. Give the energy back to the earth so that another person is not being affected by that energy.

Cleansing metals is done by freezing it for 24 hours.

Gold is sacred to the sun especially in the form as lover or consort to the Goddess. Used for physical success, fame, and personal achievement.

Silver is sacred to the moon or the Goddess, especially in her Great Mother form. Used for clairvoyence, magickal workings, and psychic abilities.

Mercury is sacred to Mercury, God in his form as sorcerer. Connected to communication, speed, movement, but not used total because of its toxicity

Copper is sacred to Venus and connects to her form as Maiden. Connected to prosperity, fertility, and growth. It is also the metal most conducive to psychic energy, used in the construction of magickal tools.

Iron is sacred to Mars and God in his Hero form. Connected to strength, protection, and endurance.

Tin is sacred to Jupiter and God in his form as the King. Connected to expansion, joviality, and openness.

Lead is sacred to Saturn and Goddess in her form as Crone. Connected to grounding, shielding, and protection especially from outside influences.


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