Week 27 – Book of Shadows, Divination

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Book of Shadows Sections
Informational, instructional, magickal

  1. Dedication
  2. Blessing to God and Goddess
  3. Pagan Rede
  4. Goddess Blessing
  5. Chants
  6. Witch’s Rune
  7. Pentagram Page (show invoke and banish for each direction)
  8. Witch’s Alphabet
  9. Norse Runes
  10. Sabbats starting with Samhain
    Samhain ritual, Samhain prayer, Samhain fire, Talking with the Dead, Offering for the Dead
    Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasadh (Lammas), Mabon
  11. Associations and Correspondences
    Colors, Planets and Metals, Astrology, Numbers
  12. Tag Locks
  13. Divination
    Crystal ball, Pendulum, Magic Mirror, Fire and smoke (candle work), Tarot, Spirit board, Runes, Water divination, Geomancy
  14. Herbs
  15. Formulary
    Oils, inks, water, incenses
  16. Medicinal Herbs
  17. Chants
  18. Spells

Planets and Metals
Sun = Gold
Moon  = Silver
Mercury = Mercury and zinc
Venus = Copper
Mars = Iron
Jupiter = Tin
Saturn = Lead

1 = Unity, number of the Creator, and Divine
2 = Happiness, love, balance, duality, the act of creation, and generation
3 = Supreme magick number of power, successful prophecy, successful culmination to the creative act (end result of your actions)
4 = Stability, Challenge, death (Native American), danger (Eastern)
5 = Protection in semitic magick, instability and havoc in following the Golden Dawn (the path you’re following), adventure
6 = Love, romance, and successful acquisition
7 = Magick number of power, epitomizes magick (Seven Seas, Seven Stars, Seven Archangels, Seven Devils), protection, success, reversing and cleansing spells
8 = Infinite, eternity and success
9 = Supreme magick number of power (3×3), protection, success, reversing and cleansing spells, achievement, accomplishment, finality, ultimate expression

Tag Locks
Very powerful items, can suffice for having the person with you, correspond to all three magicks (white, grey, and black)
Hair, nails, cigarette butts, used chewing gum, tissue used to nose or glasses, paper towels used for hands, napkin for mouth, plastic ware that was used including paper cups, discarded piece of paper from the subject, dirt from their shoes

Alphabet of Odin – According to the Eddes, the poetic saga of the Norse Gods, the Runic Alphabet was a gift from the great Father God, Odin. Rune means “whisper” or “secret wisdom.” From the Eddes: Odin hangs upside-down for nine nights upon the World Tree.  He is wounded and without food and drink. He sees a reflection of the Runes below. The Runes originated around 200 BCE as magickal symbols engraved in stone. They were developed into the first alphabet. The Elder Futhark. 24 characters. Many permutations created variants including the older and younger Futhark. Eventually the 16 character version became the most common. Go through each rune, have a journal so that you can write what your impressions are for each rune.

  • Reading Runes
    Have a question. Mix them up in a pouch, pour them out, and the ones that are face up are the ones that you use to read your message.

Crystal Ball
Can be totally clear, but sometimes those with natural occlusions can be easier. Light a black candle six inches behind the crystal ball. Ground and center yourself. Take three deep, slow breaths with eyes closed. Open eyes and use “diffused” sight for images that are found through the crystal. Allow for time and it will take effort. Burning mugwort can help. Cleanse (in sunlight for an hour), charge (in moon for an hour) and consecrate the crystal ball while it has black cloth on it. It should be covered whenever it is in storage. Do not share the crystal ball or you will have to cleanse, charge, and consecrate it every time.

Pendulum Scrying
Let the pendulum choose you. You need to become familiar with your pendulum. Ground and center. Sense how the pendulum feels, and connect with it. Connect by putting it in your dominant hand. Call in your spirit guide specifically. “Show me yes.” “Show me no.” If you’re not shown an answer, put it down and go back to it later. Focus deeply on your question while holding the end of the chain. When ready, be specific and as your question. Spirit will move the pendulum to show your answer. If no answer, you’re meant to search for that answer yourself. Always thank your spirit guide every time you get an answer (even if no answer is the answer).

Magick Mirror (Scrying Mirror)
Black, concave mirror (round or square). Ground and center. Burning mugwort helps open the third eye. The mirror should stand up; never let it lie down. Light a black candle. Set it to the right side of the mirror. Don’t allow it to reflect in the mirror. Take three deep, slow breaths with eyes closed. When ready, open eyes, gaze into mirror, see reflection, look into and through the eyes of your reflection. Allow yourself to go deeper into the void behind your eyes behind the reflection. Images may begin to emerge and become clearer as you continue. Always thank spirit when you are done. When no more images seem to be appearing, write it all down and figure out what it might mean.

Fire and Smoke (Candle Work)
Look at the fire and smoke for images. Incense smoke can also be used.

Numerous books and authors. As with the pendulum, you must form a relationship with the deck, which will help make you more proficient at reading it. Go through each card, have a tarot journal so that you can write what your impressions are for each card. After listing your own impressions, then read what the author says. Must have physical contact every day, even if it’s just to shuffle the deck. Once initial bond is set, you can make contact once a week or so to maintain the bond.

Spirit Board (Ouija Board)
If you make your own, your energy will be in it. Protection must be used to keep out unwanted spirits. Consecrate your board. Prepare the space by saging it and your space. Light three white candles and place them around the upper rim of your board. Call in your spirit guide. Ask your guide to keep all malevolent spirit from coming into the room and the board. Ask them to prevent them from entering the portal you will open. Encircle the table, board, and you with an unbroken circle of sea salt. Ground and center. Begin opening mind’s eye. See your guide at the portal and ready as you’ve requested him/her to be. Request for safety while you are divining. Gently place God and Goddess fingers from each hand on the planchet. Ask your question or call forth a particular spirit that you’d like to converse with. The Universal Spirit is the one that will give answers. Don’t ask your guide to answer the questions. Thank and release your guide. Remove salt and sage the area allowing the smoke to go out through a window opening.

Water Divination
Have a black bowl filled with water. Light with mugwort. Ground and center. Breathe deeply with eyes closed. Open eyes and with diffused vision, look through the water and see images. As with mirror and crystal scrying, this is a portal. See the water as endless. Mist might form and move towards the center. Images may come at that point. Do “automatic writing” which is something you do without looking at the paper.


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Week 26 – Shadow Work, Place of Power

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Shadow Work
Meditate on one shadow that you want to rid your self of. Work on that shadow until it is a memory and not an emotional experience that holds you back.

Place of Power Meditation
Rainbow Clouds
East South West North

The Place of Power is at the astral level, so the magick can then just manifest itself at the physical level. No need to “push” it to the astral level because your Place of Power is already there at the astral level.

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Week 24 – Samhain

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New Year when we commune with those who passed before us. The veil becomes nonexistent. Honor ancestry including all who have passed, not just those who have been part of our family. Most holy of holidays.

All Hallow’s Eve, Hallowe’en, All Saints Day by Christians, Hallowmass
Celtic New Year on November 1st, Oct 31st is New Year’s Eve
Honor all those who have gone before us, ancestors (all witches – not just blood related – especially those during the Burning Times)

Sabbat flows from Oct 31st into Nov 1st. At midnight, the veil is nonexistent. Veil is thin 12 hours before and 12 hours after midnight.

“Dumb supper” begins precisely at midnight because we are honoring those that have gone before us. Honoring in silence because we are communing with spirit and talking can cause us to disconnect from Spirit. We focus on the spirit that we are honoring, the spirits who have passed before us. Bring one item from your relative/person passed so that you can communicate.

Ritual Bath
Ritual bathing is a must with a heavy focus on intention. Ritual bath to cleanse your aura using sea salt. Step out and air dry as much as possible.

Clothes should be all-natural fiber and should be dark colors. Cloak should be clean and wrinkle-free. Conical hats are permitted. Head needs to be covered during ritual. No watches.

Bring a keepsake of a passed family/friend. Keepsake goes on the altar. Call in Hecate and Spirit. No calling in of a god. Drink the concoction, and focus on grounding yourself. Call in spirits so that you can commune with family/friend who is connected to the keepsake. Bring an herb, sacred wood, or incense that can be put into the fire.

Dumb Supper
Bring keepsake to the supper. Spirit’s chair is at the head of the table. Clap of hands to signify that silence must begin. Step to the spirit’s chair to honor it. Then, walk clockwise all around the table, then to the last empty chair. You can put your cloak on the back of the chair. The other head of the table is for the high priestess. Person to the right will light their candle with Spirit’s candle. Pass your candle to the next person so that they can light their candle. Clap again so that you can start eating. No talking. Focus on the presence of your family member/friend. Once we’re all done eating. Clap again. High Priestess goes to Spirit’s chair to honor it. Then, the last one in is the first one out. However, you leave counter-clockwise. Put your cloak back on before you leave your chair. Clap again to end this process, and you can start talking again.

Casseroles, bread, chicken, salad, apple cider, cake, cookies

*Note: No new information to add for weeks 22 and 23

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Week 21 – Essentials of Ritual

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Essentials of Ritual

Below are the basic steps for having a Sabbat ritual:

  1. Clean the area that will be used for circle
  2. Cast the circle. Using an athame pointed to the sky, say, “Goddess, strike this blade with your power.” Starting in the North or East, walk three times clockwise to make the horizontal line. Then, take your athame and move so that you are forming the top dome of the circle, and then lower the athame to form the bottom half of the circle. The bottom half will go several feet into the earth in order to completely seal you into the circl.
  3. Call in the Quarters. You can start from either the North or the East continuing clockwise to the next quarter.
  4. Call the Goddess
  5. Call the God
  6. Call Spirit
  7. Go to altar and consecrate salt and water (use hands). Say, “I cleanse all negative energy and all unwanted energies from this sacred water,” while moving dominant hand counterclockwise over the  water. Then say, “I consecrate this water for sacred use in this ritual,” while moving your dominant hand in a clockwise pattern. Repeat for salt
  8. Perform Great Rite of combining salt and water. Three pinches of salt into the water (use Goddess finger). This is the Great Rite of the union of the God and Goddess
  9. Bless and cleanse people in circle with the salt water. Draw a pentacle on each person’s forehead and say, “Blessings.”
  10. Simple Feast (Wicca philosophy argues that any ingestion of food depletes energy, but this is not the same thing since it is a symbolic gesture using very little food and liquid. Offer the libation to the Goddess (pour a little on the ground or into a container if you are inside to later give to the earth). Offer cake to the God (same applies). If you have a priest and priestess, both partake, then offered to the group.
  11. Ritual activities that pertain to the specific Sabbat being celebrated.
  12. Dismiss the Goddess, then God, then Spirit widdershins (If you stared in the East at the beginning, you’d start with North, then West, South and East)
  13. Take the circle down one time around widdershins (counterclockwise).

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