Week 21 – Essentials of Ritual

November 12, 2010 at 2:41 am (Uncategorized)

Essentials of Ritual

Below are the basic steps for having a Sabbat ritual:

  1. Clean the area that will be used for circle
  2. Cast the circle. Using an athame pointed to the sky, say, “Goddess, strike this blade with your power.” Starting in the North or East, walk three times clockwise to make the horizontal line. Then, take your athame and move so that you are forming the top dome of the circle, and then lower the athame to form the bottom half of the circle. The bottom half will go several feet into the earth in order to completely seal you into the circl.
  3. Call in the Quarters. You can start from either the North or the East continuing clockwise to the next quarter.
  4. Call the Goddess
  5. Call the God
  6. Call Spirit
  7. Go to altar and consecrate salt and water (use hands). Say, “I cleanse all negative energy and all unwanted energies from this sacred water,” while moving dominant hand counterclockwise over the  water. Then say, “I consecrate this water for sacred use in this ritual,” while moving your dominant hand in a clockwise pattern. Repeat for salt
  8. Perform Great Rite of combining salt and water. Three pinches of salt into the water (use Goddess finger). This is the Great Rite of the union of the God and Goddess
  9. Bless and cleanse people in circle with the salt water. Draw a pentacle on each person’s forehead and say, “Blessings.”
  10. Simple Feast (Wicca philosophy argues that any ingestion of food depletes energy, but this is not the same thing since it is a symbolic gesture using very little food and liquid. Offer the libation to the Goddess (pour a little on the ground or into a container if you are inside to later give to the earth). Offer cake to the God (same applies). If you have a priest and priestess, both partake, then offered to the group.
  11. Ritual activities that pertain to the specific Sabbat being celebrated.
  12. Dismiss the Goddess, then God, then Spirit widdershins (If you stared in the East at the beginning, you’d start with North, then West, South and East)
  13. Take the circle down one time around widdershins (counterclockwise).

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