Week 24 – Samhain

November 12, 2010 at 3:20 am (Uncategorized)

New Year when we commune with those who passed before us. The veil becomes nonexistent. Honor ancestry including all who have passed, not just those who have been part of our family. Most holy of holidays.

All Hallow’s Eve, Hallowe’en, All Saints Day by Christians, Hallowmass
Celtic New Year on November 1st, Oct 31st is New Year’s Eve
Honor all those who have gone before us, ancestors (all witches – not just blood related – especially those during the Burning Times)

Sabbat flows from Oct 31st into Nov 1st. At midnight, the veil is nonexistent. Veil is thin 12 hours before and 12 hours after midnight.

“Dumb supper” begins precisely at midnight because we are honoring those that have gone before us. Honoring in silence because we are communing with spirit and talking can cause us to disconnect from Spirit. We focus on the spirit that we are honoring, the spirits who have passed before us. Bring one item from your relative/person passed so that you can communicate.

Ritual Bath
Ritual bathing is a must with a heavy focus on intention. Ritual bath to cleanse your aura using sea salt. Step out and air dry as much as possible.

Clothes should be all-natural fiber and should be dark colors. Cloak should be clean and wrinkle-free. Conical hats are permitted. Head needs to be covered during ritual. No watches.

Bring a keepsake of a passed family/friend. Keepsake goes on the altar. Call in Hecate and Spirit. No calling in of a god. Drink the concoction, and focus on grounding yourself. Call in spirits so that you can commune with family/friend who is connected to the keepsake. Bring an herb, sacred wood, or incense that can be put into the fire.

Dumb Supper
Bring keepsake to the supper. Spirit’s chair is at the head of the table. Clap of hands to signify that silence must begin. Step to the spirit’s chair to honor it. Then, walk clockwise all around the table, then to the last empty chair. You can put your cloak on the back of the chair. The other head of the table is for the high priestess. Person to the right will light their candle with Spirit’s candle. Pass your candle to the next person so that they can light their candle. Clap again so that you can start eating. No talking. Focus on the presence of your family member/friend. Once we’re all done eating. Clap again. High Priestess goes to Spirit’s chair to honor it. Then, the last one in is the first one out. However, you leave counter-clockwise. Put your cloak back on before you leave your chair. Clap again to end this process, and you can start talking again.

Casseroles, bread, chicken, salad, apple cider, cake, cookies

*Note: No new information to add for weeks 22 and 23


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