Week 29 – Spirit Board & Grey Magick

February 16, 2011 at 1:43 pm (Uncategorized)

*No new information for Week 28.

Spirit Board
Cast circle
Solid line (bead) of salt around spirit board
Call to spirit guide to protect against malevolent energies
Place God and Goddess fingers (index and middle fingers) on planchet very lightly side to side on the spirit board. Planchet might need some assistance to get moving initially, but the spirit you are communicating with will take over. Move the planchet in a circular motion around the board and let the spirit direct you to the answer on the board. If you do not get an answer, it’s possible that the spirit does not want to give you the answer. In other words, it’s up to you to find out the answer on your own in your life.

Grey Magick
There is karmic consequence using this type of magick. Karma weighs the offense against the reason for the offense.

If you have done something that Universal Law says that you should not do but had no other recourse through the mundane plane, Karma will “hit” you three times.
Is someone being physically hurt?
Do I know where this is coming from and who is doing this?
Can I resolve this on the mundane level through communication?
Can I resolve this through legal matters?
If no other path is possible, then magick can be used, but not without consequence.

Type 1
Sends back to the originator all that is being sent to you. This comes with a purpose of “hitting” that person through the deflection. This is different than just deflective magick. Simple deflection magick will not stop things that are purposefully directed at you, though.

Type 2
Binding actions of another individual.

You cannot do this kind of magick for someone else. You need to have the emotion involved so this is the reason why you cannot stop their actions.


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