Week 30 – Grey Magick (Continued)

February 16, 2011 at 1:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Grey Magick (continued)
If you receive a “slap” three times and you know it’s truly coming at you, then it’s time to do a deflective spell aimed at the specific person (known or unknown) who is sending it at you.

“Do as you will, an harm none, lest it be in self defense.”

Universal Language
It is important in grey magick to use words that will not kill a person. The point is to hit the person, not kill them. The universe take the path of least resistance, so wording is key in any spell. Just saying “with harm to none” will not make it safe. Specifics are crucial.
What do you want it to?
What are the results you want?
Who is the individual?
If you don’t know the individual, can you be specific enough so that it goes only to the individual?

Do not use:
Don’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, won’t 
The universe does not recognize these words and will turn the sentence you are using in the affirmative. “Don’t affect” becomes “Do affect”.
Explanatory descriptions like “I’m doing this spell so…”
Use sentences that are direct like “Bind Joe’s actions”
Wording that binds the person. Bind the ACTIONS of the person.

What materials do you need for the spell?

Write a binding spell about a person who is committing child abuse. Research phases of moon, days of the week, candle colors, and materials needed as well as writing the spell.


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